Printable Birthday Countdown Chain + 8 Birthday Experience Ideas

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Birthday Countdown IDeas

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a countdown chain! You know… the slips of paper that, when looped into circles and linked together, make a giant chain that you can use to countdown to something? The idea is to rip off a chain for each day that passes until the chain is all gone and the event is reached. Yep, those chains! While some might consider this to be a childish activity, we’re here to propose that it can be for ANYONE! Most especially, birthdays!

We came together and decided that enough was enough, we just HAD to make an epic (and FREE) birthday countdown chain for all to enjoy! With this birthday idea, you, or the birthday boy or girl, will be celebrating all week (maybe more!) and have TONS of fun along the way!

Birthday countdown idea to help celebrate a child's birthday| The Dating Divas
Kids celebrating a birthday with a birthday countdown
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How to Make a Birthday Countdown Chain

Making this adorable birthday countdown is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You will need:

  1. Your FREE birthday chain printables (linked below)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape

Super easy, right? Now on to assembling the actual birthday chain!

We created the most adorable printables to make your countdown chain that much cuter. The monochromatic designs of each strip make me so happy, and the colors have enough variety to work for everyone in your family. Talk about perfect!

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post and find the big pink download button to access your birthday chain links.

Put together a birthday countdown chain. | The Dating Divas
Fun birthday countdown chain

After you’ve downloaded and printed your birthday chains + decals, cut everything out! We like using a paper cutter to get our lines nice and straight.

After you have your strips cut, loop the first one into a circle and secure with tape (you could also use a stapler). Keep feeding the strips through the circles, and tape them to make new links. These are smaller rings, so it makes a little mini-chain when you link them all together.

Customize the birthday countdown by adding as many candles as you need. | The Dating Divas
Different candle options on a birthday countdown chain

If you want to hang it up, we have two different options for you: a circle print that says “Happy Birthday” or a simple cupcake. You can even add on additional candles to represent how old the birthday person is turning.

Wah-lah! Your birthday chain is complete! But wait! That’s not all this birthday chain can do…

How to make a Birthday Countdown Special

In the past, we have written sweet notes on the inside of the paper chain, and that is a tradition we want to continue. But we also wanted to add something new.

Each family member will love these birthday countdown ideas. | The Dating Divas
Birthday countdown ideas for everyone

Introducing: Pre-made Birthday Countdown Ideas! In addition to the 14 blank rings, included in your free download are 8 exciting birthday ideas already printed on the rings. Check out these fun ideas!

  1. Go out to eat
  2. Buy your own $10 gift
  3. Choose a game to play
  4. Skip a chore
  5. Eat your favorite dessert
  6. Choose a show to watch
  7. Go visit somewhere new
  8. Try a new activity

Each day when your sweetie or kiddos remove a link, they can discover either a handwritten note or an exciting birthday idea to do for the day. How fun, right?

Extra Birthday Card

There are so many ways to make birthdays special in addition to the chain. We wanted to include a sweet card that you could gift your “cupcake” as well! Once you cut it out and fold it in half, you have a blank card to write your well wishes for the birthday boy or girl.

A birthday countdown can't be complete without a birthday card. | The Dating Divas
Give a card along with a birthday countdown

Are you reading for the birthday countdown chain to become a tradition in your home? We’re thinking it just might!

Enjoy celebrating birthdays with these fun new birthday countdown ideas!

Before you go, if you need more birthday inspiration, make sure to check out some of our favorite go-to birthday ideas:

Celebrate with a birthday countdown. | The Dating Divas
Free Download

Birthday Countdown Chain

Printables Designed by Nichelle Lora Exclusively for The Dating Divas

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