Birthday Letter Surprise!

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Happy Birthday Surprise!

It’s that time of year, again!! Your sweetie is another year older, but you are stuck. 100% at a loss, on what in the world to do for them? If you are anything like me, you mean well, you really do! But sometimes the ideas just aren’t flowing and their birthday seems to sneak up on us!! So, what do you do?! You turn to the Divas of course and my, oh my do we have the PERFECT solution for you this year!!! Your honey is going to LOVE this amazing birthday surprise and you will too!!

Birthday letter surprise for your spouse!

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This year, you are going to rock the birthday gift department with this amazing Birthday Letter Surprise!! Are these not THE cutest printables ever!?! We partnered up with the phenomenal Karyn with iFactually and did she come through or what?! We LOVE what she did with this pack and just know that you will as well!!

Birthday Printable Kit

So, what is the Birthday Letter Surprise!? Let me tell ya! It is going to earn you major brownie points this year and it is practically free!! What better combination could you ask for?

Free Birthday Printables

To get started on this surprise, you will have to round up a bunch of your sweetie’s best friends and family to help ya out! The main idea of this is to give them __ {30, 40,50, or what ever birthday it is} letters from all of their loved ones! They will get to open up as many letters as they are old and read through all of the favorite memories, kind words, and sweet thoughts about them!
Birthday Printables, for Free

After you have gathered up your list of friends, you are going to want to text or email them all with the Birthday Letter Surprise Letterhead link that you can find below, along with a brief explanation with what this is ALL about!! The fabulous Diva Tara did this idea for her hubby last year and was kind enough to share what she sent to all of her hubby’s friends and family so that you can just copy and paste it into your email, attach the file, and you’ll be good to go! Here is what she wrote:

“Hey _______{friend’s name}! This is ________{your name}, {______{your spouse’s name}’s wife/husband}. It’s time to celebrate the next HUGE holiday… ______{your spouse’s name}’s ___ {how old they will be} birthday!! The hottie I married is turning the big ____ {number of their birthday} and I want to make sure (he/she) knows how loved (he/she) is!

To help celebrate, I’m reaching out to ____ {number of their birthday} of (his/her) FAV family members and friends to help me with a surprise. On (his/her) birthday, I would LOVE to give (him/her) _____{number of their birthday} letters… including one from you! (He/she) turns ____{how old they will be} on _____ {date of their birthday} and I need to move fast to make sure this surprise is 100% ready before then. Please let me know if you would like to and are able to write a letter by ______ {whatever date you select for them to be due by}. That only gives you a little bit of time, but it shouldn’t take you too long. 😉
As far as what to write, I think ___ {number of they birthday} is SUCH a milestone! That’s a lot of years of memories! I know (he/she) has had some wonderful memories with you and I would love to have you share/reminisce about those in your letter. Feel free to spell out any or all qualities you admire about (him/her). I think it’s important that (he/she) knows how much (he/she) means to each one of us and a few words scrawled on a piece of paper can go a long way!
Please write your letter on one of the 2 PDF pages attached and either scan it and then either send it back to me, or get it to me in person. I will gather them all, print the ones I need to, and have it all ready to go for (his/her) birthday! If you are emailing it back, please email it to ____________________ {your email address} and title it “YOUR NAME – ______{your spouses name}’s Birthday Letter” so I can keep track of each letter. My plan is to print them all out individually and put them in separate envelopes to open.
Thank you SO much for helping me make this birthday one (he/she) will never forget! REMINDER – I’ll just need your attached letter by ______{whatever date you select for them to be due by}. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
Amazing right!?! Copy and paste that sucker into a message, add in the personal info that is required, and send it off to all of your spouse’s favorite people!!
 Free Birthday Gift
While you are waiting for all of the letters to start flowing back in, you can print off the kit and get everything all cut out! {We love using a paper cutter vs. scissors! It makes the cutting go by so much faster.}
Free Printables - Birthday Kit
Once you have all of the letters back, you will want to place them each into an envelope, label them all with the names of who sent them, and place them in a box or large envelope.
Free Printables for a Great Birthday Surprise
We recommend one of these boxes – they are super cute, very reasonably priced, and the label that we created for all of the letters fits PERFECTLY on top of it!
 Birthday Letter Box
After it is all put together, you will have the perfect gift for your spouse’s birthday this year!! Once their birthday has come and gone, you have rocked it 100% in the gift department, and your spouse is floored at the amazing wife/husband that you are, there is just one more step.  Lastly, you will want to use the final page of the printable pack with the numbers on page two to create a binder cover.  If your spouse’s birthday number isn’t included in the pack, you can totally just hand write it into the blank space!
Free Birthday Gift Including Printables
Then you will want to slip that baby into the cover of a white binder and add all of the letters into sheet protectors in the binder so that they can keep this memory forever!!
Surprise Birthday Letters
SO cute, right!?! With a little bit of foot work and a whole lot of love, your spouse will have the best birthday ever!
Free Download

Birthday Letter Surprise Kit

Printables Designed by Karyn @ iFactually Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Birthday Letter Surprise Letterhead

Printables Designed by Karyn @ iFactually Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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