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Yes, we have gathered together the best tips to make your Black Friday a success. Here they are…

  1. Research: Do your homework! Black Friday is NOT the day to browse and buy what strikes your fancy. Gather the ads on Thanksgiving Day.  Circle, cut, make a list, whatever it is that YOU need to do to be organized! Timing is everything! Arrange stores by opening time, from earliest to latest. I like to go through all the ads and make a list with the store, opening hours, item, and price of what I want. This way, I know which store I am hitting first and what I am bee-lining to when those doors open!
  2. Bring a buddy. Now this can be any buddy, but of course, we would recommend bringing your husband!! This can be such a fun date and it’s always dark and cold so there is lots of snugglin’ while waiting in line outside for stores to open! One year, my husband and I were waiting outside for Target to open and I was FROZEN to the bone to say the least! The wind was horrible to boot. My husband had a blanket in the car and made this little tent for me. I sat on the ground by his feet and he wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and spread it down to the ground. Then he would peek his head in to talk to me. Sounds so silly but it’s a really fun memory! Whoever your buddy ends up being, make sure you have a game plan. Send your buddy to grab this while you grab that. It makes your shopping SO much more efficient. Then you meet back up in line once you have your goods. 😉
  3. Order of Importance: Figure out which purchases are most important to you. I would HIGHLY recommend staying away from those stores that have mega quantity limits. If there is only 20 of an item you want, go somewhere else. It’s important to have clearly defined goals so you don’t get distracted at the display of winter mittens and miss out on the really good stuff.
  4. Pump yourselves up! It’s best to not sleep at all the night before because so many sales start at midnight. I know, I know. There will be so much turkey in your belly from Thanksgiving, so it will be hard! But you know what? You go to sleep, and then when your alarm clock rings in the a.m. those sales don’t seem so important any more. 4 hours later, you’re kicking yourself for missing them all! So take that power nap right after Thanksgiving dinner, then it’s up and at ‘em! Also, pack snacks, drinks, energy shots, whatever it is that keeps you going… and be sure to use the bathroom before you leave; Only amateurs stop at the food court and bathroom on Black Friday! {WINK!} A quick little snack and a sip of juice might turn out to be all that stands between you and another couple of hours of bargain shopping.
  5. Strength in numbers. Although my hubby is my favorite shopping buddy, I always have my sisters armed and ready! It is AWFUL to wait in line for hours only to have the thing you want be gone when you get in the front doors! Strategy: talk to your friends/family. Is anyone else shopping? Which stores are they hitting? Have cash available so that you can have friends grab items for you at stores they are shopping. My sisters have even waited in the same line as me before in different places. We all know eachother’s ‘must have’ thing from that store and if we see it, we grab it! We have all met up at the front before with multiples of the same item but hey, it’s better to get one than none and you can always put extras back.
  6. Dress for success. What you wear will affect your shopping performance. Seriously! You’re going to be on your feet all day, so comfortable shoes are a must. AND – remember what I said earlier about it always being cold?? 2 words: Wear. Layers.
  7. Check your attitude. This is a tip I love from “There’s nothing worse than watching some lady get irritated in line and you’re thinking, ‘Really? You didn’t know there would be a line?’ Black Friday is crazy and intense but if you’re not having any fun with it, you might as well not go.” Well said! Attitude is everything. GO with intent to have fun, giggle with your spouse, and score some good deals.
  8. Last but not least:

TOTALLY KIDDING. Be safe. Black Fridays have really been dangerous in the past. WATCH OUT! There isn’t any deal out there that is worth hurting someone or being hurt.

So will you guys be facing the Black Friday crowds this year?  Are any of our readers avid Black Friday shoppers and have an amazing tip to share with us?? Please comment here or let us know on our Facebook page 🙂

And if shopping dates are totally your thing, check out Becca’s Walmart Bingo Date, so fun!!

Happy Shopping!

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  1. My husband and I LOVE black friday and buy all the tv seasons and blu rays that we have waited all year to go on sale. This year we will be doing it all online.