The Shocklee’s Pregnancy Announcement – “Our Family’s Growing”

The Shocklee's Pregnancy Announcement

Check Out The Shocklee's Pregnancy Announcement - "Our Family's Growing" 
The Shocklee family nailed this pregnancy announcement. They include their little girls in the announcement too.... SO CUTE!

Really, I love when people take songs and create their own little twist with the lyrics. This family of 4 (and a half) did just that using Meghan Trainor's "Lips Are Movin'" as their starting point. From the dad's "rap" to the mom's killer vocals to those adorable girls...

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Hilarious Wedding Vows

Hilarious Wedding Vows

Bride Can't Contain Her Laughter During These Hilarious Wedding Vows
This groom accidentally mispronounces a word during his wedding vows and his bride finds it quite hilarious!

I think I may have done the same thing had my hubby done this at our wedding. This is definitely a moment they will remember forever! In fact, I'd dare say their whole wedding party will remember. {wink!}

My favorite part is when the pastor tries to begin again and they still can't stop...

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Emotional Roller Coaster Proposal

This Couple Gets Engaged During An Emotional Roller Coaster Proposal
Proposal stories always make me giddy! This one is no different. This is quite the emotional roller coaster proposal, if you ask me!

I can't imagine what this fiance-to-be must have been feeling as he pulled that ring out a-top the roller coaster. You can tell she was definitely NOT expecting him to drop this line during their ride. And he seems cool as a cucumber! Nerves must not be his weakness...

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Daughter Serenades Sick Mother With Martina McBride on ELLEN

A Daughter's Touching Serenade

4-Year-Old Daughter Serenades Sick Mother With Martina McBride on ELLEN After Video Goes Viral
This story just gets sweeter and sweeter! Little McKenna Stanchak makes her mother weep, once again, when she sings to her on Ellen.

McKenna's mother, Dianna Stanchak, is battling stage 4 cancer. A week ago, the video of McKenna singing Martina McBride's "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" went viral. So of course Ellen brought them onto her show.
But the cherry on top...

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Mattel Nailed It With Their New Barbie Commercial

Imagine The Possibilities Barbie Commercial

Mattel Nailed It With Their New Barbie Commercial That Inspires Girls To "Imagine The Possibilities"
Over the years, the Barbie brand has gotten a lot of flack. But Mattel has come out with a new campaign to "Imagine the Possibilities" and we give it an A+!

This commercial encourages little girls to reach their dreams and be whatever they want. Seriously, this commercial gave me all sorts of feel goods! It is awesome. From professor, to veterinarian, to soccer coach,...

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Four Year Old Daughter Sings To Mom Battling Cancer

Four Year Old Sings To Mom Battling Cancer

Your Heart Will Melt When This Four Year Old Daughter Sings To Mom Battling Cancer
There is nothing quite like the pure love and tenderness of a child. This simple and sweet song sung from daughter to mommy shows just that.

Little McKenna shares her beautiful voice to the world, as this video has gone viral. She sings Martina McBride's "I'm Gonna Love You" to her mother, Dianna, who is fighting Hodgkin Lymphoma. This song is written specifically for women who have...

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