Impromtu Breakfast in Bed

So I had a little idea for those mornings… you know the ones… usually a weekend when the kids are still up at the crack of dawn, but you kinda take turns getting up with them so there’s a chance you might get a few minutes of extra sleep?  I looove the extra minute!  Well, here’s a quick ‘n’ easy suggestion for giving your spouse that luxurious extra minute while you prepare them a surprise breakfast in bed. Kids can join in!  Oh WAIT!  That doesn’t have to sound intimidating!  It certainly does NOT have to be a four course meal ~ cereal in a bowl is sure to still bring a huge smile!  And besides…

the trick is all in the presentation!

Kiirsten - Breakfast Improptu - Pinterest Pic

Grab these {or similar} items:  a cookie sheet, a kitchen hand towel, a napkin or two, one sheet of colored scrapbook paper, and a typed or handwritten note for your honey.

Put ’em all together, and whattaya get?  A little breakfast tray!  The best part is that you can whip this up in like 60 seconds FLAT.

Step 1 ~ drape kitchen hand towel over cookie sheet {ooh, tough one!}

Step 2 ~ place cut out note onto scrapbook paper and lay on towel {ditto above}

Step 3 ~ set your napkins on the side for the silverware {yeah, you get it… simple!}

The love note is the BONUS SURPRISE!  Since his plate will be covering your note, he won’t notice it until he either picks up his plate or you take it from him…  make sure he sees it though!

If you love ’em, TELL ‘EM! These are the moments marriages are built of!

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