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It is time for a family date night! We all love to be with our family and we enjoy doing something different and out of the ordinary. This date is perfect for anyone when a babysitter isn’t an option. Make the night special by hosting a drive-in… at your house. It is sure to be a hit for everyone PLUS the next CARS movie is due to come out in theaters THIS weekend!

Depending on the age of your children, this activity can be done prepped for different ages.  I precut and made a bunch of things prior to the night my children created their “custom cars”.  If you have older children – they could help with this part. I started by cutting the bottom out of some boxes and wrapped them in red paper.

It is totally up to you on how you can decorate your box. We were going with the whole Lightning McQueen theme so we cut out some circles, numbers, and lighning bolts.  I drew them out for my kids and they colored them in.

The kids enjoyed seeing the boxes come together and had fun coloring in pieces that they were able to glue onto their very own cars. They wanted to get into the boxes and drive away before we were even done! My son scribbled through the page and my daughter was totally jealous afterwards because she thought his numbers looked better when they were all done.

Since this part took a while, we split it up.  We did the cars one night and then the next night after the kids talked about movie night all day, we watched Cars. Both of the kids were soooooo ready! We drove out all of the cars that we had in the house into the living room. They put them out so that “everyone” would be able to see the movie. My kids also made sure that their chairs were out with the cardboard cars. It looked awesome.

They also had {Monopoly} money from the week to spend on treats at “the store,” in our kitchen. They bought a few items each and sat down to watch the movie. They wore their cardbaord car for most of the movie and seemed to enjoy them. It was cute to watch the kids that night and my husband and I enjoyed cuddling on the couch.

These two are constantly playing with their Lighning McQueen cars in their bedrooms. They have even grabbed them since our movie night to use them again. This was a fun date night for the family and we can’t wait to go watch Cars 2 when it comes out. If you need to buy the movie, Cars, you can click here.

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  1. My family did this when we were little….and I STILL remember it! You are definitely creating wonderful memories for your little ones, Lisa! XO, ME