Carve Your Initials in a Tree

Carve Your Initials in a Tree




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carved initials in a tree

What better way to start off a romantic date night, than with an evening walk, right? But what if you had prepared ahead an all natural love note for your spouse to “discover” on your walk? How romantic! Scout out the area along your walking path and find a good tree or tree stump that you can carve you and your spouse’s initials into. Then during your walk, you can innocently discover this romantic addition! {WINK!}

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About the Author: Angie

I am a homeschooling mom of four who has been married to my true love for almost fourteen years. After meeting my husband online and getting married at only nineteen, I have beat the statistics and proven that marriage is all about the effort and passion you put into it.

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6 Responses to Carve Your Initials in a Tree

  1. Cute idea but use chalk, crayon or even a marker. Any of these are “less permanent” than carving on a tree. Please, do not carve on a tree. Most trees belong to someone, either private property or city, county or state owned property. Carving a tree can cause the death of the tree by carving too deep or allowing a place of entry for insects. Carving on a stump as one of the photos show is not an issue but carving should not be placed on the trunk/bark of a living tree.

  2. Cute idea! Putting this one in the mental file cabinet! Just keep in mind if it is a national park or certain places you may not be able to do this. We don’t want to get a fine for showing our love! 😉