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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 11

The Library Date- free, easy and super FUN!

Library Date Night
Your schedule is BOOKED tonight for a date to the library! Whether you are a serious bookworm, or more of a light reader, this date is tons of fun! 
Library Date Night Printables
Library Card (optional - only if you want to check out books!)
Your date night tonight is going to be free, easy and a total blast! Our library date printables are SO stinkin' cute and they have some silly and hilarious activities...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 10

Lunchbox Love Letters

Lunchbox Love Letters

Day 10 is already here! Can you believe it?! We are well on our way!!
Lunchbox Love Letters or Lunch Bag Notes Printables {you choose!} and some lunch bags!
Send your sweetie off to work with a little extra somethin' special! Our lunchbox love note ideas are the perfect little hug your spouse needs while they're away all day!
Grab the Lunchbox Love Letters and read more about it here!

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February 2016 Love Calendar

February 2016 Love Calendar

Your free printable February Love Calendar is here! 
And it's FULL of fun and flirty romance tips to help reconnect you with your spouse and strengthen your marriage this month!

Yep, we promised the love calendar would be coming and here it is! Are you ready for another month of intentionally loving your spouse?
Have any suggestions for future romance calendars? We'd LOVE to hear them in the comments!!
And if you're new to our Love Calendar then...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 9

The Perfect Love Letters

Printable Lyric Love Letters! 

Day 9 is here! Can you believe that we are already over a week in!? Today you will dazzle your darling with these amazing Lyric Love Letters! You are sure to melt the heart of your sweetie with your personalized note written inside one of these beauties!
Materials List:
Lyric Love Letter Printable
Love Challenge - Day 12
One of the best ways to really share our love it to put it in writing. I love looking back at all of the...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 8

Love Challenge Service Coupon

Service Coupon

Pick one, any one!  Think of how your spouse will smile when they find out they DON'T have to do that annoying chore they were dreading, thanks to their loving and marvelous spouse (aka YOU). Give them a big ol' smooch and then go get 'er done! Then you can check off Day 8 of the Divas 30 Day Love Challenge!
Printable Service Coupon
This darling coupon is a simple, yet awesome, way to make your spouse's...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 7

Spouse Scattergories Game

Spouse Scattergories Game Night

Day 7 is already here! ONE WEEK DOWN!
Spouse Scattergories printables and a timer.
Enjoy a fresh new spin on a CLASSIC game... Each of the categories are geared toward your spouse!!
Grab the Spouse Scattergories printables and read more about it here!
Coming up tomorrow... Service Coupon! Spoil your spouse for a day by taking on whatever service items they desire!
P.S. Don't forget...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 6

Sexy Bedroom Tic-Tac-Toe for two!

Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe

Day 6 is here, can you believe how fast the last 5 days have flown by?! Is your honey LOVING everything that you have been pulling off the last few days? Well don't you fret, we have another great day in store for you!!
Materials List:
Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe Printable
Favorite Treat
Massage Lotion/Oil
Love Challenge - Day 6
Tonight you are going to kick things up to the next level with our one-of-a-kind Sexy Tic-Tac-Toe!!  Get ready for a steamy...

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Seven Days of Valentine Love

A Week of Valentine Treats
You might have guessed that Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays around here because it's all about LOVE. So, what could be better than a day of love? How about an entire week (or even TWO weeks) to show your spouse the love?! For a whole week you can give your spouse a daily dose of love - that's SEVEN days of Valentine love!

This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about 'em, click here.
We've got the simplest countdown...

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Divas 30 Day Love Challenge- Day 5

Divas 30 Day Love Challenge Drink Love Notes

Favorite Drink Love Note
There's something special about a yummy drink! Whether it's an ice cold soda pop, creamy milkshake or toasty hot cocoa, it's just such a fun treat! Make your sweetie feel loved and special with this quick gift surprise!
Drink Love Note Printables
Your sweetheart's favorite hot and cold drink
Pick up your sweetie's FAVE drink and attach a sweet little love note! No matter what their drink of preference...

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