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Our Love Shamrocks!

Well....it's official,  St. Patrick's Day is coming quickly!  Lucky for you, the Dating Divas are here to share a few ideas to make St. Patrick's Day a hit with your spouse!  We are soooo excited about today's post for more than one reason.  We would like to introduce someone new to the Dating Diva team....a fabulous designer, Aileen, from Lil' Buckaroo Designs! Aileen is extremely talented and makes the cutest printables - in fact she created all of the gorgeous...

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Spring Daylight Savings Invitations

Sweet and Sassy Invites for Cuddling OR Intimacy!
I don't know about you, but I find losing an hour with Spring Daylight Savings depressing!  So, we've brought you a way to make losing an hour so much more fun.  In fact - I'd say I'm definitely looking forward to losing an hour with these invitations!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about 'em, click here.This year, instead of focusing on the hour of sleep you are losing as we...

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Printable “Our Story” Wall Print

Frame Your Love Story- Free Template

"Our Story" Wall Print
Looking for an Easy, Romantic Gift Idea?!
Why not...

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.
Talk about the perfect Valentine's or Anniversary gift!
AND our FREE printable template makes it SO easy to pull off!  
Crystal, the fabulously talented designer over at A Well-Feathered Nest even designed FOUR different versions for you to choose from!  Just pick the...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 30

Post It Love Notes

Post-it notes are seriously one of the GREATEST inventions!!! You can use them to stay organized, as reminders, and then... of course, as LOVE NOTES!!!!
Post It Notes
A Sharpie
Lots of reasons WHY you love your sweetie

Congrats!!! This is your LAST challenge in the 30 Day Love Challenge series! ...and it's a FUN one! Sit down, and start jotting down all of the reasons you love your sweetie. You can talk about good...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 29

25 Sexy Card Printables

We are finally on the second to last day! Can you believe that we have loved on our spouses and done adorable date ideas for up to 29 days?!  If you haven't checked out the hashtag recently, visit Instagram and look up #Divas30DayLoveChallenge. You will be SOOO impressed with all of the amazing couples out there! This challenge is a lot of fun and super easy! Set up a night of romance with our free printables! Psssttt... if you are stumbling on this just now or...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 28

Love Coupons

We are getting SO close to the end!! Can you believe that Valentine's Day is only two days away and you have almost completed this AMAZING 30 day challenge!?! Today's love challenge is a piece of cake! Ready??
- Wallet Surprise Printable {choose which one(s) you'd like to use}
 To get your printable coupons click on over to our Wallet Surprise post for a quick surprise for spouse! Use just one coupon or use them all!!...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 26

Lunchbox Love Notes

We still have four more days of the challenge and so that means four more days of going strong! It is so FANTASTIC to see so many folks making their marriage a top priority!  It's so inspiring!!  Today's challenge has easy prep work and is perfect if you want to make your sweetheart's lunch extra special.
Lunchbox Love Notes Printables
We know that our readers are busy but still value...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 25

Fun couples game!

I sure hope that your Romantic Rendezvous Room Service was a HUGE hit with your spouse! Today we will be playing a game for TWO that will help you learn a few new fun facts!!
- Get To Know Me Printables
- Magazines {optional}
- Scissors
Maybe you have been married for a year, maybe you have been married for many, either way there is ALWAYS something new that we can learn about our spouses!! One of my favorite things...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 24

Serve your spouse!

Did your spouse not just LOVE the multiple choice date yesterday?! Believe it or not, we have already reached day 24 in our 30 day love challenge and today's surprise will be a favorite for sure!!!
- Room Service Printables
- Ingredients for your sweetie's room service meal {whatever he/she chooses}
Let's be honest, it is fun to be pampered every once in a while! I love it when my hubby surprises me by cooking a meal...

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