Celebrate Pi Day with the One You Love

National Pi Day-Date

If your idea of fun includes sweet treats and celebrating (whose doesn’t?!), this date idea is for YOU! We’ve put together the perfect date to help you and your sweetie have a happy Pi Day. What is Pi Day, you ask? Keep reading! We’ll explore everything there is to know about this unique holiday, including the answers to what and when is Pi Day. Additionally, your printable download is packed with Pi Day activities and Pi Day celebrations for two. Sound fun, right? Let’s take a look!

Ah! Can't wait to celebrate National Pi Day with my sweetie! #datingdivas #piday #happypiday

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Before we explore this happy Pi Day date even further, we have to give a shoutout to Diva Elizabeth. She helped make all of our pie ideas as sweet as can be!

What is Pi Day?

You may be wondering, “What is Pi Day?” Well, we’re here to answer that! To put it briefly, it is a fun, annual celebration of the mathematical constant, pi (i.e., 3.14). It also includes lots and lots of pie eating! Pretty great, huh?

When is Pi Day?

Pi Day celebrations take place on March 14th, as a reflection of the first few digits of pi. We think it’s the perfect time of year for such a celebration! After all, there’s no better way to bid winter goodbye than by eating colossal amounts of sweet desserts, right?

What’s Included in Your Printable Download

Your printable pack is crammed with all sorts of goodness to help you celebrate this holiday. Take a look at the included items below, and keep reading through the post for a more detailed description of how to use each of them:

  • Invite
  • Pie Taste Test
  • Pie Love Notes
  • Math Games

How “sweet” are those?

National Pi Day Invite

Get your sweetheart excited for the pie fun to come with this darling printable invitation. We can’t help but love its cherry pie design, and its two-sided format makes everything clean and neat.

When is Pi Day

Plus, it’s super easy to put together! Simply print, fold, fill in the info and slip it to your sweetheart. It’ll make their day and get them ready for your fun date.

What Is Pi Day

Pi Day Activities

Your Pie Tasting Activity is truly a delicious one and is a fabulous addition to your date. Go ahead and purchase (or make!) up to 5 different flavors of pie. After that, give one copy of the taste scorecard to your spouse, and save one for yourself. Following the pie tasting guidelines, go ahead, and sample the pies. Pie Taste Test

After that, give the pies a rating for each listed category on your scorecard, and tally up the totals. Finally, go ahead and determine which one is your favorite, and have your spouse do the same. After that, share your results! Is that a tasty activity, or what? The fun doesn’t stop there, however…

National Pi Day Date

More Pi Day Activities

In honor of the mathematical meaning behind the holiday, we’ve also included two extraordinary math games. They’re super fun and easy, and you don’t need to be a mathematician to enjoy them. You will, however, need a die, a ruler, and a pen. Additionally, you’ll want markers or covers of some sort (pennies work great!). We promise these games will bring out your competitive sides and act as the perfect addition to your date.

Math Games

Pie Love Notes

Let your sweetheart know how much you love them with this set of happy Pi Day love notes! For example, each one has a ‘punny’ pie saying and will help your spouse feel like a million bucks. Additionally, you can choose how to deliver them. Here are a few ideas: Sprinkle them across your bed, tape them to the bathroom mirror, or drop them in the mailbox for them to find.

Pi Day Celebration

How un-pie-lievable is all of that?! We’ve definitely included the best, and the sweetest, National Pi Day celebrations ever! Additionally, you could tweak this idea slightly to be a super fun family activity or group date!

Happy Pi Day Date

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