Couples Yoga Date Night

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A Fun Couples Yoga Date Night

We ALL would love to start our New Year with fun new ideas to strengthen our bond, trust, and intimacy with our spouse. Couples Yoga is the perfect way to do just that! Whether you have years of experience doing yoga or have never even tried it, this date is made for you! This Couples yoga challenge will have you and your spouse tangled up together and trying all kinds of new things. So, grab your yoga mats, water bottles, and these cute FREE printables! These printables are full of invites and yoga poses for two to make your date extra special.

A fun and unique way to stay healthy while keeping the intimacy alive doing couples yoga! Included are cute invites and yoga poses for 2. #couplesyoga #yogadatenight

There are SO many great benefits to couples yoga. I believe the best benefits are that it can improve your intimacy, increase communication and trust, and reduce stress and anxiety. This date is super flexible (no pun intended) and can be adjusted to any vibe you want it to be. You can make it a fun and relaxed date, laughing through all the poses. You can make it peaceful by lowering the lights, lighting some candles, and playing some soothing music. No matter how you do it, this will be a night to remember.

Also, we are so grateful for our very own Diva, Elizabeth! She designed these super cute printables and did such a great job making this date come to LIFE!

Invitation for Couples Yoga

Before you invite your spouse on this super fun date, make sure you are prepared and have some yoga mats! This is a great Yoga Mat and comes in so many cute colors!

We have included this adorable invitation to invite your spouse to get “tangled up” in couples yoga together. Who can resist that kind of invite?! I know my Husband wouldn’t pass that opportunity up.

Fitness Date Night Invite

We also have included a digital Couples Yoga invitation. You can text it to your spouse, to make things even simpler for you! If you do decide to text your invite, make sure you give your spouse all the juicy details about when to meet and where your couples yoga date will take place!

Partner Poses for 2

Not sure where to start with partner yoga poses?! Lucky you, we have created eight different pose ideas for you and your partner to try. Some are super easy and some may be a bit more challenging. But what’s a couple’s yoga challenge without some hard poses to try out?! This date is the perfect excuse to get close and intimate with your spouse.

Couples Yoga Challenge

When you print out your partner yoga poses, you can make it super fun by cutting out each card and picking by random what pose to do next. You can also put them in an order of what you think seems to be the easiest pose first, to the most challenging last. Decide what works best for the both of you and go with that.

Couples Yoga Poses

A Sexy Yoga Challenge

Just when your sweetie thinks the date is over, surprise them by using our sexy couples yoga invite to the bedroom. Set up an intimate space near your yoga mats by lighting some candles, turning down the lights, and throwing some rose petals around to create a sexy and serene environment that your spouse won’t be able to resist.

Sexy Invite for a Fitness Date Night For 2

Don’t forget to download the Couples Yoga Date Night printables below! Get ready to grow stronger and closer than ever to your spouse.

To add to your relaxing zen date night, you can try out this Spa Date Night Kit and spoil your spouse with more relaxation for the night!

If you have a hard time making time for date night or convincing your spouse, check out this post for Ideas to Make Date Night Happen! These are super great ideas and will for sure help you make your yoga date night happen!

Free Download

Couples Yoga Date Night

Printables Designed by Elizabeth Exclusively for The Dating Divas
Free Download

Couples Yoga Date Night Digital Invite

Printables Designed by Elizabeth Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Oh my HECK! This is so darling! I’ve heard how awesome yoga is… and this just might be what I needed to try it. Ha!

  2. My husband and I took a couples yoga class a few years ago and loved it! I am going to have to bring it back with this fun date! Thanks for the great ideas!