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We partnered up with CURAGO to bring you…

The Best, FREE Family Organization App!

Life NEVER seems to slow down, does it?

Whether or not you have kids (I have 3!), are married (I am!), working (yep!), going to school, organizing get-togethers, trying to stay in touch with family, or ANYthing else that might fill up your to-do list… if you’re like me then you’ve realized that instead of hoping things might one day slow down…

It’s time to start MANAGING life better.

And that’s exactly what CURAGO does!

Free Organization App for Families

Without a doubt, the MOST time-consuming part of my TIME is managing it! Can you relate?? From texting our hubbies, to emailing the in-laws, to coordinate girls’ nights, family dinner plans, grocery lists, exercise groups… the list goes on and ON! Sometimes we spend HOURS planning, organizing and coordinating an event that might only take 20 minutes (Ever tried to get 8 family members to show up to the same place at the same time… it’s a group text messaging NIGHTMARE!)

With CURAGO, all of that is EASY.

Let me explain…

First, head over to the app store and get yourself the FREE app! Then start sending invites to everyone in your tribe… the hubby, kids with phones, family, friends… anyone you’d like!

Create an account and get your own customized background all set up…

Curago app

(Hi, kiddos!!)

See that little “+” sign down at the bottom, there’s where all the magic happens! Start creating your events!

It’s SUPER easy (and I love how modern and clean the design is!) to get your events set up. Of course, the first item of business is DATE NIGHT, right?


You can add a fun “cover image” for any event, title it, add the date and time, and then use other in-app features like lists, comments, and inviting other members of your tribe to attend the event!

Another awesome feature of CURAGO are the lists. I am a HUGE list maker. I.List.Everything. I have my personal lists, my spiritual lists, my family lists, etc and each one has little tasks that I need to do daily, weekly, or monthly… even down to making my bed. (Yeeeeeea, maybe I have a slight list-making problem. 😉 )

With CURAGO, you can create any list you’d like, check them off as you go, and then start the list all over again when you’ve completed it!

CURAGO list making app

And like I mentioned before, you can even create a list within an event that all members who are invited to the event can see. Things like “call the babysitter”, “reserve a dinner table”, etc! SO COOL!

I’m telling you, life organization just got a WHOLE lot easier, folks!

Get CURAGO FREE from the app store!

This is a sponsored post written by The Dating Divas on behalf of CURAGO

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