Divas 30 Day Love Challenge – Day 3

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Love Texts
Divas 30 Day Love Challenge Text Messages

Whip out those phones! It’s time to TEXT your love note today! The best part of this is that we have come up with FIVE fun and flirty messages for you to choose from, or, of course, you can use ALL of them!!


Your cell phone!


Time to TEXT a love note! We’ve come up with some sweet, funny, adorable texts to choose from. Each one coordinates with one of the 5 Love Languages! Choose one of the following sweet messages to type up for you honey!

Ten Reasons List
Send 10 different text messages throughout the day. Each one will state one reason you love them. They will be anticipating each one!
Example: “Reason #1 that I love you: You are so good at cuddling! I love waking up next to you!”
Glove Box Surprise
The night before, hide a little gift inside the glove box of their car. The next day, text them a little clue hinting at your surprise!
Example: “Check your glove box for a special gift from the one you ‘glove!’”
A text coupon!
Text your honey a coupon for some uninterrupted couple time!
Example: “This text message is good for 1 hour of uninterrupted {you} + {me} time (insert your own names). No phones, kids, or distractions, I’ll drop everything. Present this message to ME to redeem at any time!
What Can I Do For You?
In the morning, send your sweetie a message offering to make their day!
Example: “Good morning to the love of my life! What can I do to make your day marvelous? Ask and your request shall be granted…
Intimate Mystery Choices
This spicy message will be a game in a series of texts! Give them options without telling them what they represent, and have your options assigned to lingerie, bedroom toys, romantic music etc. Tweak your text messages to fit your spicy plans!
Text 1: “Pick a color- red, black, pink or purple” {the color they choose will be the lingerie choice}
Text 2: “Pick a number 1 – 4” {this will be which naughty bedroom toy you use}
Text 3: “Pick my left hand or my right” {this will be which type of music you listen to}
Text 4: “Are you ready for your results??!…”
Text 5: Snap and send a picture of their choices, set out on the bed {WINK!}

Get ready for a relaxing and unique date night tomorrow on Day 4 of the challenge- the Netflix Binge Date night! Turn a night of vegging out and watching your favorite shows into a date where you are connecting and strengthening your marriage! Easiest date night ever!

P.S. Don’t forget to snap a PIC and post it to your Instagram Feed with the hashtag #Divas30DayLoveChallenge to enter to be one of our 30 Grand Prize Winners and follow us on Instagram (@datingdivas) to see what the NEXT challenge will be!

P.P.S. If you have already done this idea OR you don’t think your sweetie would enjoy it… feel free to browse our “Quick & Easy” section and choose another FUN idea you can whip out today!

Wish you could find every day’s challenge in the same spot?! We’ve thought of that! Check out the –


All in one printable pack for the Divas 30 Day Love Challenge!

This baby contains instructions, photos and ALL or the printables for each day of the Divas 30 Day Love Challenge! Everything super conveniently packaged in one spot! This is a great option if you want to complete the challenge on your own schedule or don’t have time to hunt down printables all over our site!

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