10 Ways To Divorce-Proof Your Marriage

Reclaim Your Marriage

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RYM InfographicthumbspacerGoals-SquareGOALS
Begin by setting goals together so you know you’re both on the same page!
teamwork TEAMWORK
Learn outstanding ways to support each other and still have time for romance!
Get back to the FUN part of your relationship with great dates together!
Self-Esteem-Square SELF ESTEEM
We’ll show you how feeling great about yourself is key to loving your spouse fully!
Get reconnected with these proven tips and tricks for great marriages!
Respect-Square RESPECT
Men & women perceive respect differently – you’ll learn exactly what your spouse needs!
Don’t let it drive a wedge between you… we’ll give you a proven 4-step method to forgiveness.
Get the tools and knowledge you need to build (or rebuild) the trust in your marriage!
Includes downloadable worksheets & a powerful plan to stop fighting about money & start loving your life!
We saved the best for last! Now you’re ready to incorporate every element into greater intimacy!

A Program For Every Marriage
Reclaim Your Marriage provides real, actionable steps that will truly divorce-proof your marriage. If you and your spouse are struggling, or feel like your marriage is stuck… if your emotions look like a ride at Six Flags or you feel like you’re on a communication treadmill… if you feel like your issues ARE your marriage and you long to reconnect with your spouse, then Reclaim Your Marriage will dramatically transform your marriage into a fortress of trust, respect, and love for both of you.
reclaim your marriage wheelBased on Input From Thousands
Reclaim Your Marriage is filled with solid expert advice from the Divas, crafted based on marriage needs and feedback from thousands of our readers. The information in this program has been tested, proven, and implemented with great success time and again.
A Word From Tara Carson,
Founder & Owner, The Dating Divas
“I love the Reclaim Your Marriage Program. I love that our team is able to continue our mission of strengthening marriages. I want to share my love and passion for this mission with you now. That’s what this Program is about. Reclaim Your Marriage will improve the connection in any marriage – but especially yours!”