DIY Magnetic Love Board

DIY Magnetic Love Board

We had a fun time looking at all of the crafty DIY suggestions sent in to our DIY Craft Creative Contest category! It was hard to choose a winner, but we think our winner did a pretty great job!  Carrie, over at Lovely Etc. not only came up with a cute idea, but a super inexpensive one too! Our fav! We also love the colors she used to decorate!


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DIY Magnetic Love Board

By: Carrie

Got an empty frame  – why not make it into a magnetic love note?


I am in the midst of a major makeover of our master bedroom.  The goal of the whole makeover is to bring some color and pizzazz into the space as well as to make it a grown up, intimate space for my husband and I.

As I was putting together a new gallery wall in the master bedroom, I was left with one oddly-shaped frame.  The shape was extra tall and skinny so it just wasn’t really working as a traditional photo frame.  I decided it would make the perfect magnetic board.

5- DIY-meaningful-gallery-wall2_Edit

These are actually incredibly easy and inexpensive to make.  You can make them with any size frame and any type of fabric.

DIY Magnetic Board Tutorial


Picture frame (no glass needed)

Sheet metal – You can buy 2 x 3 sheets of sheet metal at Lowes or Home Depot for around $10 a sheet.  That is enough to make several of these.

Tin snips – These are like scissors that cut metal – you can get these at Lowes for around $5 or you can buy them from Amazon here.  (This is an affiliate link).

Fabric – I chose to use plain white fabric so my magnetic board would blend into the rest of the gallery wall, but a great print would be amazing.

Duct tape

  • Using a marker, trace the cardboard from the frame onto the sheet metal.  (If your frame does not have glass or cardboard, you can trace the opening of the frame.  Just make sure when you cut it, to cut it slightly larger than your traced shape so that the metal will fit into the lip of the back of the frame.  If it is exactly the same size as the frame opening, it will fall right through the front of the frame when you try to attach it.)


  • Cut the sheet metal with your tin snips.  *You should definitely wear gloves while cutting – the cut edge of the metal is quite sharp.  Don’t ask how I know this.*
  • Cut your fabric a few inches bigger than your sheet metal.  Wrap the fabric around the sheet metal and tape it in place on the back.
  • Pop the fabric wrapped metal into your frame. Super simple!

I happened to have a bunch of glitter magnetic letters on hand that I made awhile back, but you could really use any type of magnetic letters.  (Or make your own – just buy some chipboard letters from your local craft supply store and stick little magnets on the back.)


I want to make sure that our master bedroom is a special space for my husband and I.  I am a huge believer in not letting your relationship fizzle just because you have kids – or in our case, kid.  So I thought this would be a cute spot for tiny love messages.  I’ve already been experimenting with some different possibilities.


This is definitely going to be fun!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the colors of Carrie’s bedroom! So bright & cheery!!!! I also love the “you & me” magnets the best! Super cute!! What a great craft idea for the bedroom!