Easy and Creative Photo Prop Ideas

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Photo Prop Ideas for Family Pictures

When we think of the perfect family picture, it often includes a simple yet powerful photo prop that makes it stand out. It’s all in the details, right? Photo props are the little something extra that makes your photos truly memorable. If family photos are in your near future, what a perfect time to check out this list of photo prop ideas! We have seen about a million different ones floating around the internet, so we couldn’t help ourselves in compiling some of our favorites so that you could see all of these creative ideas in one place. Consider any one of these prop ideas to make your next family photo turn out perfectly!

Family Photo in Front of Bus

Source: Drew B Photography

Firstly, while it might seem obvious, the focal point of your family photo should absolutely be your beautiful family! But while everyone will look at your darling smiles, the addition of a photo prop or two will draw the eye of the viewer too! With a simple prop in the background OR foreground, you’ll have a lasting memory attached to that day, time, and place. We can’t wait to show you all these photo prop ideas. So lets dive in!

Tips for Using Props in Family Pictures

Although having a prop can add creativity and fun to your photo, we do have a few suggestions for HOW to properly use photo props. We’ve heard from many photographers these different tips, so make sure you read up on these before photoshoot day!

Family Photo in Frame

  • Sarah of Modern Kids Photography suggests including items from the natural environment in family photos.  “Keeping the props as minimal and realistic as possible helps keep the focus on the connection between the family.”  So try a bouquet of wild flowers or a picnic blanket.
  • Incorporate items that have meaning to your family to really personalize the picture.  Photographer Wendy Laurel recommends using props to highlight your family’s hobbies.  So if you love biking together, why not throw in a bike or two?
  • Props such as a couch, chairs, stools, or a ladder can help add different posing options to the same location.
  • Bringing along your child’s favorite toy or blanket will not only capture the special memory in the photograph, but will also help keep your child be happy and cooperative.
  • Props such as chalkboards, signs, wooden letters, or scrabble tiles can help you spell out and convey a specific message.
  • Choose props that will help your family interact for natural, candid photos.  So bring along a book to read to the baby, a game to lay out and play with the kids, or a picnic to enjoy together.
  • When choosing props, consider the color of your clothing and location background as well.  You may want to choose neutral props that will go with anything, or props with a pop of color for added interest.

Photo Prop Ideas for Family Photos

Now that we’ve covered basic tips for including a prop in your photoshoot, we can’t help but show you some of the BEST photo props we could find! All of these photo props make us want to book a family photo session immediately. They are just to die for! Check out these ideas and then go for your favorite one! We have no doubt it will turn out amazing!

Family in Hammock

  • Hammock by Simplicity Photography – We all know that laying in a hammock is oh so comfortable, so the relaxed look of this family photo is perfect!
  • Frame by A Day to Adore Photography – Not only is this frame cute, but the words inside are absolutely adorable! What a perfect photo prop!
  • Balloon by Drew B Photography – This little pop of color adds so much fun to this family photo!
  • Wagon by Pinkletoes – Okay, could this scene be any cuter? This wagon makes this photo playful and iconic to this young family. We’re obsessed!
  • Ladder by Simplicity Photography – Another great way to stage a pose next to something beautiful and symbolic! We love this rustic look and how happy this family looks!
  • Toys by Pinkletoes – Not only do the kids love them, it will make the photo look so much more natural! This is a darling look!
  • Car by Holly Butler Photography – What a fun photo prop this is!! Imagine your family all around a colorful and bright vehicle. Don’t you think this would be fun?
  • Chair by Tina Stinson Photography – Huddled close or spread out for some dimension, this cute chair look would be darling to recreate!
  • Blanket by Bonnie Raley Photography – What a family photo! We love that this cute family is huddled under a blanket for a cozy look!
  • Bubbles by Sarah Day Boodhoo – Nothing captures a child’s attention more than bubbles! This cute prop also keeps the kids happy!
  • Boat by Susan Neashby Photography – Something about the water just draws you into these photos! We love the look of this family next to a boat and that crisp, blue water!
  • Instruments by But Natural Photography – This is such a creative idea to incorporate a guitar into this family photoshoot! You can just tell this family loves music!
  • Bikes by Fix The Photo – Not only are bikes a fun way to show a favorite hobby you might have, but they also give that playful look you might be going for!
  • Truck by MnM Family Photography – Okay, we’re ready to book a session right now! Sitting in the back of a pick up truck is the cutest idea ever!
  • Tire Swing by Reminisce Studio – What a fun way to represent this family! They clearly like to have fun and this photo prop is so cute!

I don’t know about you, but I was blown away by some of these family photos! The picture props just made the whole picture POP! Something about looking at all these family photos makes me remember just how important family is. Spending time together, even just for a little bit, brings you closer!

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Best of luck at your upcoming family photoshoot!


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