Father’s Day Sports Package


You have to know I REALLY, REALLY love my husband after this gift… 😉 I was raised a “Utah fan” and I do bleed red… but my hubby loves BYU. So this year for Father’s Day, I made him a BYU box.  In it is the following: 1 voucher good for 2 season tickets to BYU football (already ordered and on their way), a BYU tie pin, a BYU key chain, his favorite candy…peanut butter M&M’s and then I am getting BYU taffy to to throw in. He will love it!

Here are some pics:

And the finished product…

You can do many things with this idea. Last year for Valentine’s Day I got an empty oatmeal container, threw scrapbook paper on it with embellishments and put a bunch of nuts, granola bars, and favorite treats in it with a tag attached to each one of the many reasons why I loved my hubby or was grateful for him. He loved it! Made his day…or his month with all those snacks! I did something similar to this for my dad this year…
1. Reasons WHY we love him…
2. All his favorite candy… in a cute box!
Here are those pics:

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4 Responses to Father’s Day Sports Package

    1. Nita, I live in Utah and bought them at Pioneer Party in Lehi. However I have seen these all over at scrapbooking stores and places like Roberts, Michaels, and JoAnns! If you cant find something that will work… I decorated an oatmeal canister one year. It was way cute too!!! Good luck! Send us your pics!!! 😉

  1. Wow, you MUST REALLY love your husband. First, I know I couldn’t have married a Ute fan if my life depended on it, and second I would never spend money on Ute tickets or anything else Ute related. You are wonderful and inspiring to me.