Favorite Things Party for Couples

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Favorite Things Party: Christmas Themed

Do you have a list of your favorite things? Brown paper packages tied up with string, raindrops on roses? Do those make the list?! If not, no stress, we have our own little list. It goes something like date night, chocolate, and raindrops on kisses… Haha This Couples Favorite Things Party allows you and your sweetie to share your favorite things with your favorite couple friends! Get ready for a Couple’s Christmas party like no other where you leave with new favorites and spread yours around.

I LOVE a good favorite things party! This one will be perfect for my next Christmas party. Group date party! #FavoriteThingsParty #ChristmasFavoriteThings #DatingDivas

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The adorable prints were made possible by our ever-talented designer, Carisa of Messes to Memories.Β She is going to make this party a breeze and a blast!

Couples Favorite Things Party Invites

Couple's Favorite Things Party Invite

Figure out your guest list and then print as many of these invite pages as you need. I love that they can just be folded in half, glued a little bit, and then handed off to the guests. Of course, you can also snap a pic and text away. πŸ™‚

Couple's Favorite Things Party Instructions

The most amazing thing is that little white circle. The AMAZING Carisa made it editable! So consider your guests and choose your price point! {We opted for $10, but I think that a dollar store favorite things party would be amazing as well!}

Couples Favorite Things Gifts

We love sharing some of our favorite things with our favorite people, and learning what they love as well, so this type of a party is perfect! To prepare, you and your spouse are going to choose 1 thing that is a favorite of yours and matches the price point. We love this card game called Fluxx, so we searched around for some good deals and bought 3 of them. (For the original game, click here.) Now wrap your gifts up or put them in separate gift bags and get ready to party!

Couple’s Favorite Things Gift Exchange

Couple's Favorite Things Party Gifts and Names

When people first arrive at the party have them write their last name on 3 slips of paper (cute patterned ones are in the download!) and toss them into a bowl. When it comes time to exchange, each couple will reach in and draw out 3 names that aren’t their own. Those lucky ducks get YOUR favorite things gift! We loved being able to share Fluxx with our friends because now we can also have game night together :p

Couple's Favorite Things Party Gift Exchange

My husband LOVES caramel corn so he felt pretty blessed to get a gourmet caramel mix to pour over popcorn. He and one of our friends are totally kindred spirits. At the end of the exchange, each couple will have 3 new favorite things from other friends.

Couple’s Favorite Things Gift Bag and Tags

Favorite Things Bag Cover for Couples Favorite Things Party

Once all the gifts are parceled out, you’re going to need somewhere to put them so the party can continue! We have a darling bag cover and tags to help with that. To keep everyone’s gifts separate and organized we suggest printing off as many covers as you’d like.

Couple's Favorite Things Party Gifts and Tags

Provide a gift bag for each couple and a tag. {Aren’t these little gift-box inspired tags adorable?!} Write the couple’s last name on the tag and attach it to a bag {With the cover or without – whatever works for you!} that way everyone has a landing place for their gifts and it’s easy to pick up a bag on the way out the door.

Game for Couple’s Favorite Things Party

Couple's Christmas Party Favorite Things Game

At some point in the party, you have to break out the party game! Tonight’s adventure is a little twist on the newlywed game, it’s called “Favorite Things, Favorite People” and the task is to write down all of your favorites for the accompanying list. Easy right? Here’s the hard part – you and your spouse hand over your cards and try to answer for each other! My husband would have NO problem knowing that my favorite drink is Dr. Pepper, but I’m gonna struggle with knowing his! It’s a fun little activity to learn more about your spouse and your friends. Hey, maybe even take some inconspicuous notes so you have some birthday ideas when those roll around πŸ˜‰

Couples Favorite Things Party Invite and Instructions

We also thought it would be so fun to combine this idea with another party game by The Divas: The Christmas Gift Exchange Dice Game. If you wanted to play this fun gift exchange game instead of drawing names you could add another level to your favorite things party.

Enjoy strengthening your relationship with your spouse and with your friends!

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Favorite Thing's Party for Couples

Printables Designed by Carisa @ Messes to Memories Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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