Flashback Friday: August 2011

I LOVE Flashback Fridays!!! Why you ask? WELL… it is a great post with LOTS of ideas! Plus, if you missed out last year on all this excitement going on during August, you get it all right here real fast! And that is why I LOVE Flashbacks!!

Last August was FULL of ways to show your love! A super cute “I’m sorry” AND great date ideas… right here is where it is at!

If you have a little bit of planning time ahead of you for a big day or even just because… this is the sweetest gift someone could EVER give anyone! It’s called, “You’re Appreciated,” & it comes with a lot of darling printables, too!

Always a fun way to tell someone you are theirs forever! {Mint to be Together}

Another GREAT way to say I LOVE YOU!!! Our All About You Basket!

If you are anything like me, you probably messed up a time or two… Tell them you are sorry with this cute idea! {A Sincere Apology}

Plus, NEED A HOT DATE FOR THE WEEKEND??!! These are all winners!

“The Post-It Note” Date! Super easy to set up, SUPER CHEAP, and super fun!

A Blast From The Past Date Night! Go back to the good ‘ole days with a movie and some treats!

Anyone say Nerf Wars?? Looking for war? This is a fun way to kill ’em with love!

 With all of the FRESH ideas we are sharing with you this month combined with all of these “oldies but goodies” from LAST August, we are sure to keep the spark alive & exciting during the last month of summer!  Just pick your favorites and plan away!

 Have FUN!!

About the Author: Wendy

I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can't get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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2 Responses to Flashback Friday: August 2011

  1. I’ve done about HALF of these! 🙂 Still need to do the post-it date & the nerf wars! So fun! My husband LOVED the “you are appreciated” idea… and the “jerk” idea got me outta some hot water! {lol} XOXO

  2. First off love ur website…. I have already done so many cute little things forty husband and he loves it… So I’m a stay at home mom (which I love) and I saw where u guys had done a little book called I love u because…. well I started a mission for myself and I now text my husband every morning after I get my son on the bus I love you because I’m making it my goal too do this for one whole year… Just to let him know… well now he is sending them back to me and it just makes a world of difference in both of our days, it also kinda makes us feel appreciated… Just a quick little thing we could all do… 🙂