Flashback Friday: February 2011

Ideas for The Month of LOVE

Are you ready for some of the best Valentine’s ideas out there? We’ve decided to compile our best of the best posts that aired in February last year. Just in case you may have missed some of these fantastic ideas the first time around, you can still use them for this year and blow your spouse away with all your superb creativity.

The Month of Love

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How Do I Love Thee?

If you missed this FABULOUS idea that Tara came up with last year, you’ll definitely want to take notes for this Valentine’s Day! This is the perfect, inexpensive, creative, and easy idea to let your spouse know how much you adore him/her.  Grab a 24 cup mini muffin pan, red ribbon, and print of the free printable…. then just add treats, notes, compliments, etc. inside each cup and voila! You’ve got an incredibly thoughtful and sweet gift to give your Valentine.

Valentine Card Tutorial

Looking for a Valentine’s Day card for your man? This card will show him how smokin’ and sizzlin’ you think he is! All you have to do is pick up some paint chips at your local hardware store, paint store, or even Walmart! They are FREE and the best part is they have fun names! Like ‘Hot to Trot’, ‘Burning Love’, ‘Sultry’, ‘Fire & Ice’, and more! Use the tutorial in this post to create your own!

Anticipation: Half the Fun!

I am such a fan of AnTiCiPaTiOn!!  Stretch out and build up the excitement for any holiday (ahem, V-Day) using this fun idea from one of our fabulous readers, Chandie! If you wanna make your husband’s Valentine WEEK, take this idea and run wit’ it!  Each night for the seven days leading up to the big day of LOVE, you get to surprise him with a different and fun way to ~ yes ~ make love… and yes, he is gonna LoVe the genuine attention and YOU!!! The possibilities for this are really endless… {your imagination is your best ally!}

“Tied” to You!

Create this adorable “Tied to You” theme date for Valentine’s Day! This date night features THAI food, brown paper packages TIED up with string (including a few of his favorite things), and more! This date is a great reminder of why you “tied” the knot to your Valentine!

Red Hot “Quick and Easy” Love

This post offers THREE quick and easy ideas that your spouse will love! Something FREE, Something FUN, and something FABULOUS! They are super romantic and HOT, so if you are looking for some fun ideas for your Valentine then we’ve got you covered!

Masquerade Party

March is the month to celebrate Mardi Gras and whether you are in the deep south or not, we’ve got some hysterical date night ideas just for the occasion. Southern comfort food and a pot of good luck make this date night King for sure. Now prepare yourself…some of the games played on this date are HiLaRIoUS. If you dare to play, you will have some serious laughs ahead of you! So grab your Mardi Gras mask and beads to get this party started!

Romeo and Juliet

If you are looking to cuddle up to your honey for a romantic movie night, this is the date for you! We’ve got plenty of ideas that will work for the traditional Romeo & Juliet movie or the more family friendly version of Gnomeo & Juliet. You can test your Shakespearean Lingo and have some “kissing by the book” to make this Valentine date night extra special.

Candy Heart Message

What is better than a romantic love note made out of candy hearts? This year be creative and leave something extra special for your spouse to find…like a pair of Fuzzy Handcuffs (oh, my!). It’s easy and inexpensive…and is a sure fire way to spark your romantic flame.

A Hearty Night in a Snap

If you are down to the wire on time this month, but want to do something amazing for your spouse to show him/her how much you love them…then this date is perfect for you! Do something special, fun, and most importantly, FAST to add to your romantic night! This date has a lot of different options and alternatives depending on your time limits and situation, so don’t delay! These ideas are perfect if you only have an hour or two to prepare.

Dollar Menu-naire Date

Have you become a cheapskate lately with the economy going downhill? Like many people across this country, money is tight and we are all on a strict budget…which makes dating a challenge. At the same time, you want to have a fun date with your spouse that will be memorable despite your small budget. Use these fun Dollar-menunaire objectives to turn your cheap date night into something a little more memorable.

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There you are folks! Now, get to work and get planning the most romantic month of the year for you and your spouse. We hope that you have a lovely Valentine’s Day with the one you love most!!

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6 Responses to Flashback Friday: February 2011

  1. Thanks for the great ideas! I love your blog, not only have I been using the ideas you have come up with, but it has inspired my own. (I used the x-men date you shared and adapted it to a mission impossible date…it was so much fun!) Thanks for helping me keep our marriage fun and strong!

    1. Awe, thanks Kristi! You are so sweet! We love that you are finding some ideas to keep that spark going in your marriage. Would love to see picks of your future dates if you think to take your camera along. Sounds like your xmen/mission impossible date was a smash!