Flashback Friday: June 2012

Flashback Friday

WOWZA! June 2012 was PACKED with some amazing ideas! We’ve got all of the “Ideas” Contest Winners in one place and some fabulous Father’s Day ideas to make your husband’s Father’s Day memorable. If you’re looking for some amazing ideas for a date this month, I promise each one of these posts below will NOT disappoint!  Kari-FashbackJune2012-PIN

Progressive Dinner: Around The World

Do you ever want to get together with other couples but it’s too expensive to go out? And maybe you don’t want to plan a whole big date night all at your house? Well here’s a fun idea!! Why not make your next “couples date night” a Progressive Dinner Around the World?! We’ve got some romantic ideas all planned out for you, simply invite your guests!

Remove Your Candy Shell

Here is one fun idea for the bedroom to make your “suite” life sweeter!! This is a truly sweet M&M “remove your candy shell” game! Adorable idea, right!? This would make for the perfect date night at home! Just one more reason to stash a bag full of M&Ms in your top drawer!

10 Dates for $20

One of the biggest roadblocks to date night is time and money. This idea should help you with both. We have compiled 10 date nights for $20! Wrap this up in a fun way and give it to your spouse for Father’s Day. Now, whenever you have a little time and need a date night, you grab the idea wrapped in the $2 bills and head out for a night on the town.

Soak Up The Sun Date

Who doesn’t just love summer time dates? This Summer, plan a fun picnic-at-the-park-type date with your hubby. You will both just love this super fun date soaking in the sun … oops … did I say soaking “in“? {lol} Yep, plan to get WET n’ wild on this hilarious date!

Not Your Mother’s Spice Rack

Kari-FlashbackJune2012-Spice Rack

What a fun new way to bring a spicy, sassy, and totally fun idea to the ‘table’ with your spouse?! This is truly a fun and creative way to “SPICE” things up in the bedroom! You won’t disappoint with this array of creative ways to play!

Keep Him Thinking of You

Plan a surprise for your spouse the next time they have to go away for work! We’ve got some great ideas that will show your spouse that you are thinking of him and to keep him thinking about you while he’s away. This cute idea will make your spouse thrilled to get back home and into your loving arms!

Father’s Day Ideas

With Father’s Day coming up fast, you’ll love the ideas we’ve pulled out of our archives to give your man a truly memorable Father’s Day. Everything from Father’s Day Gift Ideas, Quick and Easy Father’s Day Ideas, and 12 Father’s Day DIY Craft Ideas that are sure to be a fun way to celebrate your hubby!

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