Flashback Friday: October 2011

Are you ready to dip into last year’s batch of spooktacular good ideas that are perfect for this year, too? Get a head start on the month of goblins and witches by checking out our lovely ideas below… {Just click on the title to go to the original/full post!}

Trick or Treat… Boooo!


Here are some hauntingly cheap and scary good ideas to heighten the Halloween mood! We’ve made sure they are extra easy to put together so you won’t waste a lot of time recreating them, but you’ll be sure to reap the rewards from your family for a job well done! Happy Halloween!

2011 Halloween Costume Contest Winners

Kari-2011 Halloween-Hans Solo & Princess Leia

Want some amazing costume ideas for Halloween this year? Check out our readers top picks for our annual Halloween Costume Contest! Including this Luke Skywallker and Princess Leia costumes. Now that you’ve seen what others have done… get ready to submit your OWN fabulous costume ideas for our contest this year!

All About Corn Date Night

A truly Halloween-inspired date night with your spouse! This date is super easy to put together and it’s a creative way for you and your spouse to get into the holiday spirit… or find some spirits hanging about if you’re lucky! Spooooky!

Frankly, My Dear…


Want a quick and easy way to show your spouse some love? Grab some of the Halloween decor/treats you have lying around your house OR be sure to pick a few things up on your next trip to the grocery store, pair it with this adorable printable, and now you have a SUPER easy “Halloween” way of telling your sweetheart you love him!

Scavenger Hunt For You!

cami-scavenger hunt for you - Pinterest Pic

Send your hubby on a scavenger hunt for date night this week! Let him gather up all the items you’ll need in his hunt to find the ultimate date night with the woman of his dreams… yep, that’s you!! We’ve got all the sassy clues ready for you to print and go!

Wild Wild West Date

Kari_WWW_Pinterest Pic

Have an old west, cowboy-up style getaway without leaving your home! Throw on some cowboy boots, grab a cowboy hat, and saddle up for a good time with your spouse! Yeehaw!

Peek-A-Boo Mini Date


Here’s a fabulously quick and easy date night idea that your spouse is gonna LOVE! We’ve created an adult version of “hide and seek”… a lil’ game we like to call “flashlight tag!” And the best part… you can play it in your own house after the kiddos are all tucked into bed… er, maybe sleeping over at Grandma’s house! Let the games begin!



We’re bringing back the 80′s movie blockbuster! It’s funny, it’s witty, it’s creative, and a complete date night package! It’s The Ghostbusters! Oh, yeah, we knew you’d love it! Just in time for Halloween, too!

Date Wheel

With all that life is throwing at you — especially with the holidays in full swing — date night often ends up being at home after the kids are in bed. So the questions looms… “What should we do for date night?” Use the DATE WHEEL! Spin it and pick it! Date night is decided for you and you won’t revert to the ‘dinner and a movie’ idea!

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