Flashback Friday: September 2010

Last September, we had many fabulous posts. I am going to highlight some of my personal favorites but you should look through all of our ideas at any time. I enjoy many of the ideas the other Divas have and I look forward to their posts each month. Here are just a few from last year…

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Battle of the Sexes

My first pick is my own date. This was one of my favorite dates because we were divided into teams and it was friendly competition. We had a series of events to complete and the winners of the night got a medal and a Jamba Juice. We went as couples and divided into BOYS vs. GIRLS. It was a great night full of laughs and we made sure everything had a twist as we played our games. Make sure you have a large group as you play a crazy kickball with your group!


Check out what scent every diva enjoys wearing. It is sure to get the attention of your man. There is such a large variety that can help you out next time you go to the department store. Try out the testers to see if any of these scents work for you. I enjoyed this post as I am always looking for new scents to wear.

Patio Prom Date

Kari created her own Prom in her own backyard. It was very detailed. I think the whole idea is great to get dressed up and re-create a Prom, especially since most of us aren’t lucky enough to have ever been to Prom with our spouse. Kari thought of everything down to the food you might have, and the music you might listen to. This is something I am going to re-create this fall for my man.

Stud Muffin

Erika created this super easy idea. She thought about her man being a stud muffins {inspired by an adorable bib her son was wearing}, made some labels for her skewers, and baked some delicious muffins. That is it and they turned out so cute!

“Stuck with You” Date

Wendy’s husband planned this date for her. It was very sweet and lots of fun. They floated down a cold river, and had rootbeer floats. Men can plan the dates too and they are always appreciated. We all like to be remembered and feel loved.

These are just a few great ideas from last September. Feel free to look to the side bar to check out the rest of the September posts from last year. There are so many to choose from.

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