Fun Watermelon Toenails


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Watermelon toenails always make me smile!  These are super cute and really easy to do.  The best part is that I use Acrylic Paints to do it (ya, that super cheap kind you can find at any craft store).  A few years back I went to get my toenails painted and the gal that did them, airbrushed them using plain old acrylic paints.  Even though I don’t have the airbrush, I quickly realized that I could use a small paintbrush to get a very similar effect.  The key is to use a clear nailpolish when you are finished to seal the paint on your toenail and give it that nice glossy finish.  This is a great way to give yourself some fun color if you are a “messy-toenail-painter” because all you need is a bit of water and the paint comes off your toes really easily.

Here are the steps to create your own cute watermelon toenails.

  1. Paint your big toes with white paint.
  2. Paint the rest of your toes with red paint, as well as the bottom ‘moon shape’ of your big toe using a steady hand.
  3. Add on the green rind at the top of your big toe, leaving a bit of white showing between the two colors.
  4. Use a toothpick to make small black seeds.  (You may want to practice this a few times somewhere else to get the sizing right.)
  5. Put on 1-2 coats of your favorite clear toenail polish to seal your freshly painted nails.  This is super important because if you forget to do this, the next time you take a shower, your pretty paints will be gone!

I hope you enjoy trying out this fun and easy technique!  Feel free to experiment with other fun colors…I think bright neon ones would be super sassy!

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Watermelon Toenails

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  1. These are darling! I will need to try this. Hmmm…. I have those colors in paint already! Just need to clear up my schedule for a little pedicure time! lol