Giveaway & Contest of The Year!

How would you like to win SEVERAL and I do mean SEVERAL (23 items to be exact!) that will help enrich and strengthen your marriage?

Well, do we have a FUN contest for you!?!  We are SUPER excited about this and we enlisted the help of others as well to help contribute to the GIVEAWAY of THE YEAR!

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This is a giveaway that would make any marriage sparkle!  Let’s check out all of the items that are included….and THEN we will go over the Contest Rules……

His & Her Glasses

Have a special occasion coming up?? Surprise your spouse with this set of personalized “His & Hers” stemwear!  It will add that lil’ touch of creativity to your romantic evening. {Picnic Basket not included.}

Decorative Box

Do you want a fast and easy surprise for your sweetheart?? Look no further! This roomy box will hold just about any kind of treats! If he/she is having a bad day, fill it with their fav’s!! If you just want to remind them how much you love and appreciate them… throw in some treats and tape cute “reasons WHY I love you” on each one. It is guaranteed to make their day better! To see more boxes, go HERE.

And They Were Not Ashamed

This book is incredible! Laura Brotherson does an amazing job focusing on intimacy in a marriage and also giving tips on how to approach your kids about sex! Even if you aren’t looking for answers on intimacy, this book is a great read! You will get some much out of it! OR it would be a wonderful wedding gift for ANY couple!! HERE is our review! And check out her website HERE for other incredible advice or to purchase the book for yourself!!

Personalized Booklet

Surprise your man with a personalized booklet called, “You’re Everything That’s Amazing!” Inside the book you get to write everything that you LOVE about your spouse. This is quite a keepsake that will make his day!  You can leave it on his pillow, in the car or in a fun location you know he will get it.

Spa Kit

Get ready to sit back… relax and enjoy the company of your spouse! This spa kit is sure to make any night the right night to turn your regular house into the SPA!

Love Coupons

Have you ever really wanted to give your spouse a great gift, but didn’t have the budget to do so? Well, this gift is for you! This cute coupon book will tell your spouse just how much you love them, as well as keeping things fun and different. There are coupons for staying home or going out, and even a blank one to fill out on your own!

The 5 Love Languages

We want you to make the very best out of your marriage in every way possible. In order to do that it is important to understand what love language you and your spouse express and need to feel truly and deeply loved. This is a fantastic video for you and your spouse to watch together and to learn the secret to love that lasts! Hop over to Dr. Chapman’s website HERE to see what else he has to offer!

Laura Brotherson

LOVE 101–Learning to Love More Meaningfully (TALK ON CD)

Marriage is about learning to meet each other’s needs for love — she wants more emotional connection, he generally wants more physical affection. With this talk on CD by marriage and intimacy expert, Laura M. Brotherson, you’ll be able to identify what makes you and your spouse feel loved and cherished, and be able to love each other more effectively. You’ll experience the rich rewards of a close and fulfilling intimately connected relationship. Click HERE to purchase this amazing advice on CD!! It’s listed at a special price today!!

Love Vinyl

Every once in a while we need a little reminder that marriage is work! LOL well, it’s true. At least for me it is. And what better way to remind ourselves of it than to have the words spelled out for us or “to read the writing on the wall,” as some might say. This vinyl lettering is intended to be put in a place on your wall where you and your spouse will see it regularly. Pay heed to its advice and know that your true love story never ends.

A Lover’s Game

Are you and your mate perfect for each other? You won’t know until you play this FUN game. For more excitement bring other couples along to join in the fun and see how well your responses match. Good Luck!

A Modern Love Potion

Does your marriage need a little pick me up? We have the PRESCRIPTION for you!  The Dating Divas have prescribed a little fun – a game for you and your man.

Romance Box

What do you always need when you are in the mood to get a little romantic? A Romance Box! Put a love CD in it, or some candles and you are ready to get romantic at a moments notice. Your hubby will love how prepared and spontaneous you are.


Everyone LOVES scrapbooks, but not everyone has the TIME to put it all together! Because WE love our readers soooooo much we took the time to do it for YOU!  This little beauty is yours to fill as you wish, with pictures of YOU and YOURS Truly! Not to mention this book’s “extra bonus feature” with tabs where you can write YOUR favorite memories of you and your man!

Cards & Heart Notepad

Every relationship needs a little humor in it, right?  These “Oh no, you didn’t” cards are JUST the thing to make your sweetheart laugh.  We are also throwing in a Magnetic Heart Pad – perfect for putting on your fridge & writing love notes back & forth to each other!

Dr. Laura Books

Everyone has heard of Dr. Laura and we absolutely love her marriage books!  In fact, we will be reviewing a few of them in the next year!  BUT…..before we get to those, we thought we would throw these two books in which are sure to help you become a better mother and wife! Dr. Laura has a ton of phenomenal books and marriage helps out there, I am sure you know of many!! Go HERE to her website for more!

Giveaway Books

We couldn’t resist throwing in even MORE books we love!  These two books are currently being reviewed by divas and we couldn’t HELP but throw in a copy of each!  The 100 Day Promise is one man’s journey to making his relationship even stronger.  The OTHER book, How To Date Your Wife, is the perfect book to give to your man!  In fact, one of the divas did just THAT…and her husband is the one who is reviewing it.  Both books are written from the husband’s point of view – which gives fresh insight for all couples! You can find more information on The 100 Day Promise HERE, and also you can purchase How to Date Your Wife today on Amazon too!

Lunch Box Love Notes

Surprise your sweetie with a note in their lunch, car or even on their pillow. These fun notes will bring a smile to the face and love to the heart.

Dating Dice

Here is an incredibly creative way to plan your next date night! Hannah has the cutest dating dice and they come in many colors!! You can’t go wrong with last minute planning!!

Marriage Refresher Course Workbook

The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples provides an opportunity for you and your spouse to benefit from learning the basics of strong, connected marriages – which you can implement together no matter how long you’ve already been married.  This do-it-yourself e-workbook provides a framework for you to strengthen the relationship foundation that supports your marriage.  Its’ interactive format with worksheets and a space for couples journaling makes it a great keepsake for you and your spouse – to help you keep sight of what’s important. It is formatted as an ebook which works great for couples as they can put it all in a binder and can easily take out the worksheets to work on.

The Marriage Refresher Course Workbook for Couples will help you and your spouse:

  • Remember Why You Married in the First Place
  • Strengthen Your Communication Skills
  • Increase Your Emotional Safety
  • Explore Your Relationship Balance
  • Identify Problematic Family of Origin Issues
  • Explore Your Marriage Logistics and Roles
  • Develop or Revisit Your Personal, Couple, Family Goals and Marriage Vision
  • Learn Tips about How to Work Through Three Common Marriage Problems

Say It On The Wall

Once again!!! Say It On The Wall has more to give to our fabulous readers! Don’t WE absolutely love her??? If you don’t win this cute cute vinyl, reminding your hubby you always love him… you NEED to get your own! It is sooooooo cute!!! Check out more stuff by Say It On The Wall HERE!


Can you believe all the items included in this giveaway?  {SQUEAL!!!!}  I know….pretty exciting, huh?

Now to the good stuff….HOW DO YOU ENTER? Oooh, that’s simple!

All you have to do is spread the word to as many people as you can about THE DATING DIVAS!!

The reader who is the most CREATIVE, has FUN, and reaches the LARGEST AUDIENCE will be the winner!

Contest Rules:

#1. Your goal is to spread the word to the largest audience possible.

*An example of this would be…wearing a t-shirt on the Today Show that says, taking a poster board with to a large sporting event, creating a fun banner & displaying it in a major traffic area, or maybe even putting up a sign in your car that reads,, etc.

#2. We want you to HAVE FUN and BE CREATIVE.

#3. Email your submission to  Your email entry MUST INCLUDE THREE THINGS:

  • A brief write-up on what you did to “spread the word” about our website.
  • A picture documenting how you “spread the word.”
  • When you send us your email entry – the email title  MUST include your full name along with the words, “BIG GIVEAWAY”.  (Example: “BIG GIVEAWAY – Rita Smith”)

#4. You will have TWO weeks to “spread the word” and email in your submission.  All entries must be received by Friday, March 4th at 9:00 PST.

#5. We will then announce the winner  on Saturday, March 12th.

We are super excited about what we do here and we hope you are too!

DIVA Disclaimer: The Divas reserve the right to choose the entry we feel best represents the largest audience while having fun and being creative.

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  1. I am SUPER excited about this contest! What a fun, fun, fun idea! I was brainstorming with a couple of my girlfriends and they helped me to think up a cool idea. Hope I win! Thanks for putting together such a great bunch of prizes!!!