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I have fallen IN. LOVE. WITH. GOOGLE! It is pretty amazing and I want all of you to see why you should love it, too!


The Google+1 Button

You know we love YOU and we know YOU love The Dating Divas, so share your love with all your favorite people with the fabulous g+1 button. What’s the g+1 button you say? It’s a simple little click that lets Google (and everyone following you) know that you think something is pretty great. So the next time you read a post and think ‘this is SWEET I just gotta share it‘ then just click on the G+1 button.


Google Account

There is just one thing you need to ‘share the love’ and that is a Google account.

If you already have a gmail account that you use for your email then you are ready to go. Don’t have one? No problem- just click here and take a minute to create your own Google account.




Once you have that taken care of, you are all set to get your very own Google+ profile going. Up in the top left hand corner will be a +You (mine says +Julie). Once you click on that it will bring you to your very own profile page. Start filling in your information and any details you want your friends to see. You can add your location, job, education, you know, all the juicy stuff! 🙂 Then choose one of your favorite pictures for your profile. You can also choose one of the backgrounds to insert as well. Make sure you fill in enough info that people can find you. Once that is done you can start adding friends, family, pals, anyone you want to your circles. It will ask you if you’d like to go through your email addresses to add people to your circles (which, YES, you do!) Just make up names for your circles and drop your peeps in. Click here to watch a super short video that goes over this.




What’s awesome about Google+ is that YOU get to decide who to share stuff with and YOU get to decide whose posts you want to read. When you write a post you get the option to choose who will see it (public, family, friends, etc) AND when you want to peruse what other people have posted you get to pick that as well. You can see where the arrow below is pointing to the categories- cool, eh?! Nevermore will you have to plow through ‘Patty-Posts-A-Lot’ to get to the meaty stuff you really want to see (like your BFF’s new baby girl!!). This 45 second video shows how easy it is.



Follow Pages

Now that you’ve added all your fabulous friends, brothers, college roommates, aunts, … well everyone you WANT, we can move on to the REALLY GOOD stuff…that’s following The Dating Divas, of course {wink!} We don’t want you to miss out on a single fabulous post that may just blast your marriage into over-the-top-amazing! Just type in The Dating Divas into the search bar to the right of the word Google+ like in the picture below. You want to click on The Dating Divas that is under the category “Pages” then in the upper right hand corner click on the button that says ‘follow’. How easy was that?


Here is a peek at what The Dating Divas Google+ Page looks like:

{We’ll be getting a makeover soon….}


Join Communities

We also  have started up a Google+ Community as well. If you want to join us in conversations about marriage you can add that, too. Just type into that same search bar and under the category of “Communities” you will see The Dating Divas-Strengthening Your Marriage. This is an easy way to converse with others who want to strengthen their marriages, just like you!


{As a side this is not the same as the community that is on The Dating Divas website. That is a DIFFERENT one which offers a wider range of things including instant access to Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat Recordings, 26 Ways to a Healthier, Happier Marriage Workbook, exclusive printables, 100 Day Challenge, as well as our new program- Marriage Masters, you will get so much out of this and can join up here}

Here is a peek at what The Dating Divas Google+ Community looks like:




We could go on and on and on about all the cool features Google+ has but we want you to have fun discovering it all – so before we leave you we want to share one more of our absolute FAVORITE parts about Google+. That is HANGOUTS!! They are fabulous! You can have video chats with up to 10 people all at the same time, not only that, with Google Effects, you can choose from cool hats, masks, moustaches, halos, horns- you name it- and somehow it tracks your face so your moustache always stays perfectly in place on your lips! How great is that?! There are even sound effects that you can play any time you want (no one laughed at your joke, no problem, just used the ‘canned laughter’). This tutorial has some fab tips to make your Hangouts the best, and this super short video will get you excited!



Get Started Today

I know, I know, now that you have seen how COOL you can look on a Google+ Hangout you are ready to join up right now, huh! 🙂 The Dating Divas have some super fun plans up our sleeves for all our Google+ Page followers coming up soon and we would LOVE for YOU to be a part of it. We also have lots going on with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages, too! Make sure you are following us on all of those. BTW – click here if you want some great tutorial tips Robin put together about Pinterest, too:)



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    1. Brianna, I am so glad you liked it. There really are so many parts to Google+, it was hard to decide what to focus on:) It is so user-friendly though that anyone can be a pro in no time!

    1. Hi Ellie, that’s what we did. First I used my Google account (email) to set up my own personal profile, then we created a Page for The Dating Divas- one person is the ‘owner’ of the page, but you can have as many page ‘managers’ as you would like to add. This could be a nice feature depending on what you are using it for. We also created The Dating Divas Google+ Community as well- when you go to the Communities button on the left side of your screen it will give you the option of starting your own, or searching for or joining others. You can make this public or private so if you wanted one for just your family to see privately, you can do that too. Have fun with it!

      1. Thank so much, Julie! As a newbie blogger I really appreciate all the advice and support from the fab DDs! You guys really should put together an eBook for newbies like me! xo