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Graduation Gifts Ideas You’ll Love

Any type of graduation, from preschool up to college, is a BIG DEAL! But how do you honor all the graduate’s hard work along the way? We firmly believe that a meaningful and useful gift that shows them just how proud of them you are is the ultimate way to say, “Way to go!” and “You did it!” Therefore, we’ve gathered up ALL the best graduation gift ideas for you to browse through here! After reading this, you will be able to present the graduate with a congratulatory and thoughtful gift that wishes them well on their next adventure. The best part? We’ve included homemade, funny, sentimental, AND quick and easy ideas to fit your every need and wish! So without further adieu, check out this epic list of graduation gift ideas we know you’ll love!

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Before we dive in, let’s take note of the importance of a graduation gift to the graduate. Not only might this gift serve them well in the weeks and years to come, it also represents SUPPORT and LOVE as they embark on a new adventure. Whichever gift you decide to go with, remember that it’s not about how many dollars it cost. It’s about the genuine wish of success that comes behind it.

That being said, we’ve included a range of graduation gift ideas for you to browse, hoping that at least one will deliver that message of support and love from you to your graduate.

Ready to see all the best graduation gifts out there? Here we go!

DIY Graduation Gift Ideas

DIY, or “do it yourself,” sends an extra special meaning with a gift. In other words, knowing that it’s homemade demonstrates an extra level of love since it was crafted just for the recipient to enjoy! In our mind’s, these DIY graduation present ideas are top notch. Not only that, for a crafty person, these are just plain fun! If you’re looking to spoil a graduate with a homemade gift, this list is the perfect start!

Homemade Graduation Gift Frame

  • DIY Tassle Frame – First off, this idea is a great way to display a beautiful graduate in a creative way. Secondly, it’s an EASY DIY craft! Win-win!
  • “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Frame – And this idea is even easier! Simply grab a cute frame and some vinyl and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous graduation gift!
  • Adventure Kit – Don’t you think an adventure kit would make a fun and unique graduation gift? Just personalize it with different, small gifts they can use on their new adventure. Not to mention, this is super easy to put together and includes FREE printable!
  • Adventure Awaits – All this gift idea requires is a map for wrapping! How cute is that?
  • Photo Pillow – You won’t believe how easy this DIY photo pillow is. Not only that, it’s a great gift idea for a grad to take to college as a special keepsake!
  • Graduation Letters – If you’re looking for a thoughtful, meaningful gift, then look no further! Can you imagine receiving a whole bundle of letters from friends, family, and all the important people in your life at the conclusion of your graduation? Pulling this off would be the ultimate gift!
  • Graduation Book – Or, instead of a bundle of letters, you could compile notes and words of advice into a graduation book instead. Without a doubt, the advice, memories, and wishes of close friends and family of the grad would be a treasured keepsake!
  • College Survival Kit – First of all, where was this idea back when I graduated? Secondly, this is a practical AND thoughtful DIY gift that would make any graduate thrilled!
  • DIY Laundry Bag – We’re so in love with this simple and sweet laundry bag, we want to make one ourselves!
  • DIY Heart State Painting – Say goodbye and remind them of home with this DIY state painting that will give them all the feels!
  • Chalk Door Hangers – Fully customizable, and oh-so-fun, these chalk door hangers are the perfect dorm room touch!
  • DIY Adventure Notebook – Give them the gift of adventure and love with this DIY notebook that has us all sorts of ‘wow!’
  • DIY Wall Hanging – Unquestionably, this no-sew and motivating wall hanging would make the perfect college graduation gift! Additionally, it’s easy as can be to create!
  • DIY Reading Pillow – This DIY pillow is great for both snoozes and studies! On top of that, it’s super cute!
  • Personalized Pot – If you’re looking to gift something a little green and homey to the graduate, then this personalized flower pot is the perfect gift!
  • Ghandi Quote Globe – Both functional and fun, this motivational DIY gift is oh-so collegiate.
  • Hand Lettered Plaque – A constant reminder of the good that’s inside them, this is a DIY goodbye gift that will keep on giving.
  • Graduation Gifts Kit – Without question, this graduation gift kit is THE ultimate DIY gift! It includes absolutely everything you need to say “Way to go!” and “Congrats!” in the most stylish way ever!

Jewelry Graduation Gift Ideas

More often than not, a beautiful piece of jewelry is the best gift a graduate receives! Not only can jewelry be sweet and sentimental, it’s also something the graduate can wear often to remind them of the person who gifted it! We think jewelry is one of the best graduation gifts you can give and we’ve rounded up some of our very favorites below. Take a look and see if you can find that perfect jewelry piece to make your graduates day!

Oh the Places You'll Go Bracelet

  • “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” Bracelet – Most importantly, you want your graduate to feel excited about where life will take them after graduation! This Dr. Seuss quote is a fantastic graduation gift. Not only that, you can personalize it with the graduation year!
  • Dr. Seuss Quote Necklace – Or instead of a bracelet, check out this cute quote necklace!
  • Follow Your Dreams Necklace – Basically, you can’t go wrong with beautiful jewelry as a graduation gift idea! This stunning necklace would motivate and inspire any graduate!
  • Be Free Bird Necklace – The perfect graduation gift for a girl leaving the nest and trying out her wings on her own!
  • USA Heart Necklace –  Without a doubt, this is the perfect gift for a girl leaving home for college. Not only will it remind her of home, but it will demonstrate that your heart will always be with her!
  • Love You to the Moon and Back – This simple and sweet gift would mean SO much to a child leaving home for the first time. Plus, even when she’s away, she can wear this and know how much she is loved.
  • Personalized Hand-Written Note Necklace – Now this is a keepsake she’ll cherish forever! I love that it not only includes your words, but also your handwriting!
  • Reach for the Moon Charm Necklace – This STUNNING charm necklace is not only breathtaking, but encouraging and motivating in the most beautiful way.
  • Exquisite Class Year Heart Earrings – Another statement jewelry idea that would make a graduate’s day would be these exquisite earrings, customizable to the class year!

Funny Graduation Presents

There’s nothing like a classic FUNNY gift to make the graduate smile, right? We love good graduation gifts that are funny just as much as the next person. Therefore, we couldn’t resist rounding up our favorite funny grad gifts for you. In reality, these types of gifts are the best graduation gifts because there’s nothing a graduate deserves more than a good laugh after how hard they’ve worked to reach this point in their lives. Make your graduate smile and laugh with one of these graduation gift ideas below!

Graduation Gift Mug

  • Funny Graduation Mug – Undeniably, you can’t go wrong with a little humor in your gift! Not to mention, this gift is practical in that everyone needs a good coffee or cocoa mug!
  • Call Your Mother Pillow – Mother most definitely expects a few calls, especially during the first month away! On that note, this little reminder gift would make the graduate crack a smile!
  • Adulting Mug – Another mug idea because you can’t have too many! Not to mention, it’s so true that once they leave high school, their “so adult”!
  • Goodnight Dorm Room – This funny and childish book will get a few laughs AND remind the graduate that they will always be your little baby!
  • Graduation MadLibs – A fun game to play is one of our favorite graduation gift ideas! Not only that, this is one of the best graduation gifts because it can be played multiple times!
  • College Box – Know a late teenager who’s hungry allllll theeeee timeeeee?? This gift is for them! Additionally, it’s a pretty good deal!
  • % Done T-Shirt – How funny is this t-shirt? We think it would make the perfect gift for a hard-working, but ready to party graduate!
  • Yoda A Job I Now Need Shirt – You can never go wrong with Star Wars memorabilia! Additionally, it might bring good luck for the graduate!
  • Candy Piñata – Who doesn’t love the idea of candy as a graduation gift idea? Nobody!
  • Laundry Kit – Nothing says “Good luck out on your own!” like a complete laundry kit! And, this free printable is the cutest!

Sentimental Graduation Present Ideas

When all is said and done, the realization that the graduate is moving on to bigger and better things is emotional! Occasionally, the celebration of the graduation requires a sentimental gift. We think this list of good graduation gifts is perfectly sentimental and sweet. For those graduates finishing high school, these ideas work especially well as ‘headed off to college’ graduation gifts, too!

Notebook with Quote

  • Personalized Journal – Not only would this journal be a sweet sentiment to a graduate, it’s also a great way to encourage them to write out their thoughts and feelings over this new chapter of their life!
  • Letters to the Graduate – This unique and sentimental graduation gift would be something the graduate would hang on to forever! Additionally, it comes with stationary and 12 prompts, so it would be very simple to put together!
  • Adventure Journal – A gorgeous and motivating journal to show that graduate you support them living their life to the fullest after a successful accomplishment!
  • My Wish for You Sign – This novelty sign is as sentimental as it is cute. That being said, it would make a perfect graduation gift!
  • Just Who Will You Be? Book – Need a motivating and inspiring BOOK graduation gift idea? This book is as good as they come!
  • Graduation Celebration Box – It’s time to CELEBRATE! This sweet and adorable celebration box does just that!
  • Make Your Own Adventures Wall Sign – What a beautiful piece of wall art and a fantastic college graduation gift idea! Tell your grad to hang it in their dorm and make adventures during this exciting phase of life!
  • My Wish for You Keepsake Box – Gift the graduate a resource to store all their personal keepsakes in. They’ll be incredibly grateful for the thoughtful gift!
  • Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado – Books make good graduation gifts and this book is no exception. It’s a sweet book to send the grad away with so they always know you’ll be there.
  • Personalized Chocolates – Nothing is more sweet than chocolate…But to have it personalized? Yes please!
  • Oh The Places Print – So full of motivation (and so chic too!), this printable wall art says goodbye and good luck like none other!
  • Give It All You Got Print – Remind your loved one to give it all they’ve got with this adorable printable art!
  • ‘A Little Note’ Jar – Filled with sweet slips of paper that have both wisdom and fun, this heartwarming gift shows that goodbyes aren’t forever. And, there’s just about nothing sweeter than a homemade love note!

Practical Graduation Gift Ideas

The first time a fresh high school graduate leaves the home for college is a BIG adjustment in their life! No longer do they have mom and dad taking care of their every need, especially the practical stuff! Gifting a practical graduation gift that will help the new college student adjust is one of the best grad gifts we can think of. Check out this awesome list of practical graduation gift ideas!

Practical Graduation Gifts

  • College Survival Kit – A practically done-for-you gift idea, this college survival kit is sure to be loved (and used often!)
  • Smart Notebook – Prepare to be amazed, because this notebook is magic. Once it is full of notes, simply microwave the book to erase everything! But before doing that, you can sync it through the app and save it to Google Docs or Dropbox. Amazing, right? One of our favorite graduation presents!
  • The Graduates Survival Guide – What if there was a personal guide that would prepare graduating seniors for their college experience? Now, there is one.
  • Freshman Survival Guide – This book is just the perfect one stop shop for all the insider info for college Freshman! (And also one of the most popular grad gifts!)
  • Healthy College Cookbook – Set your grad up for success with a healthy college cookbook!
  • 5 Ingredient Cookbook – Even better, give them the basic of all basic recipe book to really ensure a few good meals!
  • Luggage Set – How else are they going to get everything moved out? Plus these have great reviews!
  • Luggage Tag – This cute luggage tag is both practical and sentimental. Basically, is there any better grad gift?
  • Graduation Amazon Gift Card – Without a doubt, this would make a graduates day. The possibilities are endless what they could get with it!
  • Laundry Bag – Not only do you want your future college student to have clean clothes, you want them to have a proper laundry system so things don’t become an immediate disaster! This is one of our favorite graduation present ideas because it’s so practical!
  • Dorm Room Cleaning Kit – This easy gift idea comes with everything they need in one order! Unquestionably, this is a great grad gift idea!
  • Dorm Room Kitchen Set – Yep, they need just about one of everything!
  • College Cleaning Kit – Send them on their way stocked up and ready to tackle those dorm-cleaning chores! (Includes printables!)
  • High Quality College Backpack– If you’re looking for a high-quality backpack for your grad, this is a great one. It even includes a space specifically for a laptop or tablet!

Quick and Easy Grad Present Ideas

In a pinch for a quick grad gift? We got you covered! These ideas below are 100% thoughtful AND 100% quick to put together. We know that life gets busy and you sometimes don’t have a ton of time to plan something bigger or more extravagant. However, you still want to show your love and support and these graduation gift ideas are perfect for that!

Graduation Candy Wrapper

  • Candy Wrapper – So quick and simple, this printable candy wrapper is a great way to say “Con-GRAD-ulations!”
  • Hangry Care Package – We’re pretty sure everyone has been “hangry” at some point in their lives! This Hangry Kit is a one of our favorite going away presents because it’s a fun and practical gift idea that is perfect for your college student!
  • Graduation Candy Can – What grad wouldn’t like to get a can full of candy? Just stick the candy gram graduation poem on the outside of a can, then fill it up with the corresponding candy. 1-2-3 and done!
  • Graduation Candy Gram – OR you could simply make a fun candy gram poster. Check out this fun one you could copy!
  • AW-some Graduate Gift – Just grab some A&W rootbeer and this free printable for an easy, cute gift for the grad!
  • Rolo Graduation Gift – This graduation gift idea is basically effortless. Just wrap this printable label around a roll of Rolos and you’re set! You could also include some money inside, too.
  • “Hats Off to You” –  How cute and easy is this grad gift? And who wouldn’t love a jar full of grad cap peanut butter cups?
  • “You are One Smart Cookie” – Cookies + printable = the easiest grad gift idea!
  • Graduation Giant Candy Bar Wrapper – Want to go a little bigger with your candy gift? Wrap this printable wrapper around a giant chocolate bar for a bigger look!
  • Graduation Bubbly – Decorate a bottle of bubbly with a miniature graduation hat and cap.  If you’re giving this to a high school grad {or if you don’t drink}, then just use a bottle of sparkling cider.
  • Mason Jar Graduation Hat Gift – Fill a mason jar with the grad’s favorite treat or candy, then add this printable grad cap on top (it’s so cute!) {You could even fill it up with M&Ms or candies in their school colors.}
  • Giant Diploma Graduation Gift – Use a cardboard tube, some paper, and red ribbon to create a giant diploma you can stuff with treats and goodies for the grad.

WOW! What a list, right? It is our experience that not only will the actual graduation be exciting, but giving the graduate a big hug and one of these gifts will be equally as exciting. We can’t wait for you to experience it!

By the way, we also have tons of Money Gift Ideas for Graduates should you want to give the lucky graduate some cash! AND if you’re the one throwing a party for the graduate, take a look at our HUGE list of Graduation Ideas, complete with party, food and even decor ideas for graduation parties!

In the end, we just want to say right along with you, congrats grad!


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