Green Eggs and Ham Date

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Dr. Seuss Inspired Date

We love books around here because they broaden our perspectives, help us learn new things, entertain, and sometimes they even inspire fun dates to create and enjoy! This time around we decided to take a classic—Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss—and plan a quick and easy date around it. When you are all of the sudden struck with the realization that date night is here and you don’t have anything planned (OOPS!) we’ve got your back! Simply print, grab some eggs and some ham, and a copy of the book!

Green Eggs and Ham quick and easy date.

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To give this easy date a little pizzaz we went to one of our FAVORITE designers, Joanna of Cutify Creative. She is amazing! {It’s not just anyone who can make a green ham adorable, am I right?!}

Printable invite for a Green Egg and Ham date.

We started off with aforementioned adorable ham! There are two version: one to invite a husband and one to invite a wife! {Of course we tossed some rhyming in—it’s just not Seuss without it!} So fill out that little ham for your spouse who ROCKS! and place it somewhere they are sure to see it and get excited! {Pro-tip: you can print 2-sided to get a card that requires no pasting!}

Now to create the green eggs and ham. There are a few different ways to make the eggs depending on how you and your sweetie like them.

Deviled eggs {Dye the centers or try them with guacamole!}

Scramble eggs with green food coloring

Dye only the white {separate the yolks first then stir in the green dye}

Sunny-side up dying only the yolks

{The book has sunny side up eggs with green yolks You can dye the yolk by separating them from the whites and adding green dye to them. Then it’s just careful placement to make sure they don’t break as you transfer them to the frying pan.}

Of course, if you aren’t into eggs you can always do these adorable dessert versions with green M&Ms.

To create green ham simply add green food coloring to ¼ c of water and “paint” the ham until you think it looks right then fry it up!

Learn more about your spouse with Green Eggs ad Ham conversation starters.

Ok, the snacks are ready, time for game prep. We have some conversations starters for during or after your meal. They are seriously so cute! How did eggs get so adorable?! Enjoy reading the book and answering the egg questions for your low-pressure date night in.

Sassy invite for after your Green Eggs and Ham date.

If all goes well you may want to invite that rockin’ spouse for a little extra alone time 😉 The iconic hat from the story contains a sassy little poem that may hint at how much you like your spouse here, there, and in their underwear…

Great date idea focused on Green Eggs and Ham.

Get ready for a Green Eggs and Ham date that would be fun in a box, up a tree or in a house {but probably not with a mouse ;)}!


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Green Eggs and Ham Date

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