Gwen in Love

Diva newsflash! If you haven’t visited the amazing Gwen In Love blog… just let me say,
“Guurrll, you are MISSIN’ OUT!”
Think marriage intimacy 101 meets totally sassy and tastefully honest DIVA style! She describes her blog as, “An old-fashioned girl’s guide to love, marriage, and rockin’ hot sex!” She digs deep into those fluffy things called feelings and the down and dirty about what makes and breaks marriages. This is also a fabulous go-to site for those taboo questions and discussions about love, sex, your body, and well… everything that Mama never quite got around to tellin’ ya!

Wanna see for yourself? Of course you do! How about her dance party idea tonight? C’mon… seriously, how long has it been since you “busted a move” with yo man?


Even if he’s not up for showin’ off his moves, what husband wouldn’t enjoy you groovin’ just for him?


Oh, and check out her tip on walking the walk – so simple, yet so true! I’ve heard it said plenty of times that the determining factor of sex appeal is… CONFIDENCE! I believe it! Take this little diva for instance… Have you ever noticed the way she carries herself? And look, she can do ANYTHING!



Gwen is also a constant reminder of the importance of attitude and perspective towards your husband – complete with his habits and quirks and all. I love this little post addressing a Super Wife’s no fail attitude to happiness. She totally makes me wanna change my stinkin’ thinkin’ whenever my attitude is weak.


Some days she simply offers short and sweet thoughts like this gem that will stick with you and help you build that power marriage you deserve. Gwen has a great hold of this concept and how to ingrain it in your marriage.


Get this. How can you resist a post that says, “No one wants to make out with a giant stinky!” Are you laughing, too?! I know, and it’s so true.


Gwen graciously weaves humor throughout her posts giving subjects we sometimes avoid a beautiful and inviting charm.


So… wanna know my absolute favorite thing about Gwen In Love? I feel so empowered after reading her posts! YES, I do have all the power in the world to be that loving, forgiving, understanding, sassy, sweet, and yes, sexy girl my husband married! And luckily, every day Gwen makes sure I don’t forget it!

Check her out again and again. You’ll be glad you did. I am!

About the Author: Kiirsten

I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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2 Responses to Gwen in Love

  1. Kiirst – you did SUCH a wonderful job on this review!! I love your cute sassy writing style and even though I am already a HUGE fan of Gwen's…you totally made me wanna go right over to her blog and find out more! 🙂