Have a Romantic Poetry Night

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Romantic Poetry Date Night

Poetry is feeling put into words! I have been a HUGE fan of poems since a fantastic teacher had us create a poetry portfolio during my Junior year of high school. Ever since then, I have devoured poetry: comedic, nostalgic, pensive, but especially romantic poetry. Those classic lines of love just make my heart sing, so I knew I needed to share some of my favorites with you. But not just share, create a date based on the eternal flame of romantic poetry! 😉

Romance, reading, poetry, and passion. I'm down with this Romantic poetry date night by www.TheDatingDivas.com #RomanticPoetry #FamousRomanticPoets

It may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of date night, but romantic poetry is where it’s at! With the help of Courtney of Paperelli, we have the cutest prints for you. They share some of the famous romantic poets as well as how to write poetry for beginners.

Famous Romantic Poets

To start the night off, consult the greats. 4 printable poems are here to act as your guides into the world of romantic poetry. We begin with The Bard, William Shakespeare, and “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day.” There’s also a copy of that famous poem, “How do I love thee?”

Read romantic poetry together for date night.

Going a little more on the modern side, we bring one of my favorite romantic poets: e.e. cummings. He had such a quirky style, but his words sit straight on the heart (which he carries with him). While researching, I also found the most beautiful, dystopian love poem that I think a lot of people will love!

Romantic Poetry Scavenger Hunt

You’ve read some greats, now it’s your turn to explore. If you have a lot of poetry books at home or a wifi connection, dig in. If not, this is the perfect time to go to your local library or bookstore for a romantic poetry scavenger hunt!

Poetry scavenger hunt for a couple.

Race to see who can find all the items on their list the quickest – but don’t lose the page! To help you keep track of all the poems, there are numbered bookmarks.

Poetry scavenger hunt fun.

After the hunt, share your answers! This is where the poetry slam really begins! You may not know how to write slam poetry, but you can pretend.

Read-and-share date night.

Really get into the poetry reading and focus on the main characteristics of romantic poetry: deep emotion! You might find a new favorite poem.

How to Write Poetry for Beginners

You’ve been taught by the greats. Research has been done. Now it is your turn to write your romantic poetry! Straight to the deep end. You can print out the forms and write on them, or use the free Adobe program and type directly on the printable.

Write your love down for date night.

You may not be the next famous romantic poets, but you will have a little piece of love from each other. If you didn’t take “How to Write Poetry for Beginners 101”, no worries, we can help.

Helpful hints for writing love poems.

There are 2 ways to write your poem: Use the fill-in-the-blank option to mimic the writing of other famous romantic poets or write your own – no training wheels. Just consider the characteristics of romantic poetry: nature, self-expression, deep emotion. Pretty soon, you’ll be ready for “How to Write Slam Poetry 110.”

Write poetry for your spouse.

If you enjoyed these text-centered tasks, visit our Bookstore Date and our Library Date. You will love them!

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Romantic Poetry Night

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