Healthy Mom’s Kitchen Teleseminar

Healthy Mom’s Kitchen is at it again… another fabulous teleseminar… this time with a guest speaker and new content!

 What I love about this approach to weight loss, is that it’s done in a family friendly way. It’s not one of those “diets” that mom is on and the rest of the family is eating “normal”.  She teaches ways to get the whole family eating better, which also happens to be a way for mom to naturally burn fat!  Healthy Mom’s Kitchen has tons and tons of awesome information for everyone!  She’s not just teaching you about food and exercise, but about the mind-body connection as well, so you can break through those negative false beliefs and become your biggest cheerleader.  Doesn’t that sound nice to everyone? We all are hard on ourselves in some way or another… weight and size almost always fit into that category.  I know I love eating healthy and working out, and when I do it… I feel like a million smackeroos!! And it shows in everything I do too.

Everyone {including most of the divas} who listened in on the last Mind-Body Transformation Teleseminar took valuable tools from this call series and are looking at transforming our bodies in a whole new light!  Changing your perception of who you are and taking a look at your body image can bring much more peace and love to your marriage.  Ready to be a more confident wife? YOU betcha!!

4 Week Mind-Body Transformation Teleseminar
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Get signed up right away! This Teleseminar will sell out.  Full call in information will be sent to you 24 hours before the series begins.  The series will take place at the following dates and times:

Tuesday, September 27th 7:30 PM MST with Nisha Riggs and Tara Starling

Mind Transformation
Tuesday, October 4th 7:30 PM MST with Nisha Riggs

Body Transformation with Low Glycemic Eating
Tuesday, October 11th: (Pre-Recorded Webinar Link Sent via email)

Live Coaching and Wrap-Up
Tuesday, October 19th 7:30 PM MST

Kick yo-yo-dieting to the curb and transform from within!

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