Hoping To Adopt

Hoping to Adopt

 Today’s post is a little different than the norm. It’s been about 3 years since we’ve started this blog. As the founder, I have enjoyed watching it grow, expand, and continuously get better through the years. I adore the women I get to share this journey with and I’ve found that our diversity and different strengths makes us into the strong team we are today. We’ve loved all of the positive feedback from couples letting us know that we’ve made a difference in their marriage. In fact, the sweetest email just came in this morning that put a smile on my face for the entire day. Such feedback lifts our spirits and keeps us going. We absolutely LOVE what we do!

We don’t post a lot about our personal lives as we are so focused on helping all of you lovely people. But, today, I’m changing the focus a little & I’d like to introduce you to some very special people in our lives. Watch out, you just might fall in LOVE with this couple… and move to Vegas just to be friends with them!!


Nathan & Bethany Jones – aren’t they a CUTE couple??  Jamie {my husband} and I moved to Vegas about 4 years ago so he could go back to school. We moved in August {gasp…} during the HOT season! Welcome to Vegas, baby!! {Sheesh – I thought I was going to have a heat stroke as we were moving our furniture in!!} We soon met the Jones {pictured above}. I knew we would be friends right off the bat! I had the privilege of serving at my church with Bethany & I soon found out that she has the best sense of humor ever! The first time I met her, I still remember the HUGE grin she had on her face when she heard I’d be working with her {she was by herself before} and she made some funny comment and we both completely cracked up. The rest is history! Four years later, and I still think the world of her!

They are the neatest couple! Nathan is from England and has a rockin’ accent. Bethany is an “all-American” girl who can make the strongest person weep after giving one of her inspirational presentations. Her only flaw would be the fact that she won’t watch “The Bachelor” with me…  {JUST KIDDING… maybe that’s a plus for her…?} They are both quite intelligent {they kinda blow me away sometimes with what they know!}, they are both musically inclined and can sing, and they are both extroverts! All of this adds up to being SO much fun to hang around with! They are usually the life of the party and bring laughter wherever they go. They are also extremely spiritual and completely emulate kindness. They serve others at the drop of a hat, are extremely involved in our church, are always looking out for others, and are the kind of people you look up to as examples of how to live your life.

These two were SO much fun & completely game for anything, so we decided to test out their “coolness” & invited them to do some of our crazy DIVA dates with us! You better believe they jumped right on it!  Remember the “Funky Town” date night?

Where we dined on a yummy potluck dinner… with crazy utensils?


And then dressed up in the weirdest clothes EVER.. and went in PUBLIC?


Yep! They were there!! We definitely received a lot of strange looks. Best to do this date night in a GROUP! Strength in numbers! {Did you see Nathan & Bethany in the back? Bethany’s wearing those FAB shades! Too funny!}

Yeah, after that, we realized that they were DEFINITELY in the “Cool Club.”  They passed our “Friendship” test with flying colors! We LOVE hanging out with these guys and have enjoyed getting to know them over the past four years. We’ve also discovered that we have a lot in common…

You see, quite a few of the friends we hang out with haven’t been able to get pregnant. My husband & I keep this a little more on the down low, since we really haven’t done all the tests needed to find out what’s wrong, but we are starting to realize we may need outside help if we want to have little ones running around our home. We were surprised to find out most of the friends we’d made in Vegas had either gone thru this as well or were currently going through it. Clomid was the answer for two of the couples, and In Vitro was the solution for another friend – all producing beautiful babies! We’re down to about 3 couples {in our little group} who are still trying. After a particularly hard year of getting their hopes up and then seeing their dreams dashed over and over, Bethany & Nathan let us all know that they were going to open up their home to a child who needed loving parents.

They were going to adopt!

I was SO happy for them! I know it’s going to be a process and I’ve been keeping them in my prayers as they go through this journey… and then a LIGHTBULB went on!!

I had this amazing website with a BAJILLION amazing readers {well, maybe not a bajillion… maybe HALF a bajillion…} and between ALL of us, I am sure there is a mother out there who is struggling to make the hardest decision of her life, and if finding the best possible home for her child to grow up in is something she is looking for – I hope she finds this post. I can personally attest that whatever child makes it into the arms of Bethany and Nathan will be one of the MOST LOVED children of all times!

If you know of anyone who is in the process of making that decision and looking into adoption, please share this post with them.  Nathan & Bethany also put a website together to share a little more about themselves. Here is the link for that:


You are able to contact them through a link on that website. I LOVE everything they shared on their website, however… I didn’t feel that they BRAGGED enough about themselves! Go figure, right!!  They are such humble people! So, a couple of our friends decided to fill you in…

*       *       *       *       *       *       *

“We love the Jones! Nathan and Bethany are honestly two of the most incredible people we have ever met. I had the opportunity to work with Bethany in the Young Women’s program at our church. She loved the girls and they loved her. She was always going above and beyond to support the girls in every aspect of their lives. We know we can count on the Jones for anything. They are positive, kind, non-judgmental, and are always putting others before themselves. The love they have for each other radiates. I cannot wait for Nathan and Bethany to become parents!” -MICA BARRETT


“Where do we begin? We have known Nathan and Bethany for several years now. You couldn’t ask for better friends! They have so many fabulous qualities that we couldn’t possibly list them all! A few that stand out are that they are both very educated and are extremely smart. They understand the value of work. They are honorable and respectful people. They are good contributing members of society. They know when to be serious but they also understand the importance of having a good time. They love traveling and seeing new things. They are both extremely loving and caring individuals and are very thoughtful of others. They have a Christ-centered home, are faithful to each other, and have an amazing relationship.

Nathan is one of the kindest people we know. He not only loves and absolutely adores Bethany, but he would also help anyone in need. He is patient, loving, friendly, fun spirited and selfless. Oh, and goofy! We knew if we ever needed anything, Nathan would be there with a grin on his face, no questions asked.. .even if it was in the middle of the night. Bethany is also just as kind. She has this aura about her that screams ‘lets be friends!’ She is extremely smart, talented and loves working with the youth. She is your ideal woman… and mother! She makes everyone around her feel loved and important. She is an amazingly spiritual woman. She knows it all! When it came to hanging with the girls, she was always ready to get pedicures! It’s always a party with the Jones. Nathan and Bethany are the ideal couple. They work hard but also play hard. They are extremely well rounded and couldn’t have better qualities if they tried. You couldn’t ask for better people to be parents. We love them!!!! Please, please consider them for your baby. They will provide a loving family unit that most people only dream of having.” -COLTON & ASHLEY FLAKE 


“Nathan and Bethany Jones are some of the finest people we know. We moved to Vegas over a year ago and they have quickly become some of our greatest friends. We have 5 children and from day one, my kids have absolutely loved them. We spend quite a bit of time with Nathan and Bethany. Nearly every holiday they join our family. My husband plays golf and tennis with Nathan. I have spent some “girl time” with Bethany having pedicures and lunch. We have spent many date nights with them as well and most of them are just sitting and talking about all facets of life over dinner. I serve with Bethany at church. We teach the children ages 3-12. She is WELL loved by the children and when she is not available to teach, Nathan is her replacement. They equally love him as well.

We have a 6-year-old daughter who is kind of obsessed with Bethany. She tells me over and over again (in a sweet way as to make sure she is not hurting my feelings) that she likes Bethany 1st and then I’m 2nd. If I had to have my daughter look up to and love someone more than me, I’m glad it’s Bethany. She is such a good example and I would love for her to grow up to be just like her. Nathan has invited our 2 boys over to watch sporting events and he has encouraged and helped them to attend our church choir. He makes my boys feel like they are his equal and that they are just one of the guys. Nathan and Bethany are top-notch people and I would trust them with my children in a second. We have learned a lot from Nathan and Bethany. They are amazing people and will make amazing parents.” -TERESA WILHELMSEN

*       *       *       *       *       *       *


I am so thankful for the opportunity to be friends with such wonderful people and I can’t wait until the day when their family expands. Any help in getting the word out about this amazing couple and their hopes to adopt would be most appreciated! I’m hoping 2013 ends with the Jones holding a little one in their arms. I’ll keep everyone updated!

About the Author: Tara

I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! We are expecting a miracle baby boy this year! I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends!

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  1. My heart goes out to you guys! I have placed 2 children for adoption, so I know how hard it is to find a special couple, and the concerns that go with placing, as a mother. But any mom would be lucky to find a family like yours! I wish you the best, your children are out there. 🙂

  2. Adoption is amazing. A blessing. A sacrifice. An answer to prayer. 27 years ago today, I was born. Through the sacrifice of a 16 year old girl, I was given the greatest gift. A mom AND a dad! Praying for this sweet couple. I am so touched to read this on my birthday of all days. I personally know the blessing of adoption. So thankful and so blessed for the miracle God performed. Praying Eohesians 3:20 for this couple-God will do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine!

  3. Nathan and Bethany, I hope that your dreams of having a child come true soon and someone wonderful will find it in their heart to give you their child to adopt.

  4. We have 2 bio kids and 2 by adoption (one from China and one from Haiti). Many people choose to adopt because they can’t have kids of their own and that is certainly great! But, the whole adoption idea is straight from God and is a great lesson in our own adoption as His sons (and daughters). It truly is a beautiful thing! May the Lord bless you in this journey!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing a little about yourself and about these two! We lost our son at 19 weeks gestation and over 3 years later have yet to conceive again. I turned to your website to add something positive into our lives in the midst of our heartache – a date night and a stronger marriage! Just one more reason I love you guys and I wanted to say thanks!

  6. hi not sure if it will help but anything is worth a try came across a thread that was talking about some couples who couldnt conceive for a long time i think one was 10 years and a few of these couples fell pregnant after going on a herb called chastetree its not expensive hope it helps one of your friends