Hot Mom Alert

Hot Mom Alert

Calling all the HUSBANDS… this post is for you! Yes, I know that’s surprising but let me say it again… Fellas this post is for YOU!!! (HOT MOMS –  if you happen to see this, scroll down to the very bottom for a little tip for you!)

Are you still searching for that perfect gift for your wife for Mother’s Day? If so, stick around because we’ve taken care of it for you. This Mother’s Day you will make your lady swoon! I promise, you will love making your wife feel special just as much as she is going to love receiving it!


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Do you feel like a LUCKY MAN??? Do you have a HOT WIFE??? Then it’s about time you told her so!!!

Are you ready to make your lady weak in the knees?

HOT MOM ALERT… here we go!!




The STEAMY Concept

With these steamy printables you are going to create magazine pages that you can insert into her favorite magazine. These pages are HOT! The idea is you’re a lucky man baring it all to a reporter – about your hot wife.  Your wife has broken all scandalous records to be named “One Hot Mom!”

Within these pages you are going to brag about how sexy your wife is, how amazing she is in the bedroom, and how she’s the vixen of your dreams! You are going to give her butterflies, weak knees, and a big reason to give you a little something’ something’ as a “thank you!”



 The STEAMY Printables

These steamy HOT MOM ALERT printables (that are seriously gorgeous!!!) are designed by the amazingly talented Leah Aldous. She is one hot mama who knows how to create fabulous and beautiful designs, check her out asap!!!

Grab your printables and preferably you can print them on White Glossy Card Stock.

If you can’t find glossy, go with regular.  Remember, our goal is to make this look like magazine pages, so glossy will give us that look.

There are four pages with different sections of fill in the blanks: A drawing section, story section, complete the sentence section, and soooo much more. Don’t worry about stumbling over what to say, because every section has prompts to help you think of exactly what you want to say.

The last section mentions 3 gifts you are giving your wife to make her dreams come true.  Of course you could buy your wife 3 gifts, but that’s not what we had in mind, we have something a little more personal planned. We collected some of our favorite gift ideas for you, all you have to do is visit the link, read the idea, print off the printables, gather needed items, and voila, you’re set. Doesn’t get any easier then that!


Our STEAMY Suggestions

Breakfast in bed-quick and easy heart breakfast with a free printable your wife will adore.

Steamy delights to make her toes curl-a quick game of yummy treats used in a steamy way.

A massage by you– all the tips and tricks you’ll need to give your honey a sensual massage.

A romantic candlelight dinner prepared by you (yes, pizza with candles counts!)-dinner menu and receipt with kisses and a whole lot more.  

A night out with the girls while you babysit-An adorable check that you can print out and personalize, seriously this is too cute!

A spa night by you-Romantic tips to pamper her all night! 

Or of course, any act of service your wife would love! 

What are you waiting for? Get your pen and get ready to fill this baby out! 


The STEAMY Gift To Her

Once you’ve filled out the entire printable, it’s time to hunt for her favorite magazine. Slip the printable somewhere within the pages. To make it a little more fun, stagger the pages throughout the magazine so she has to hunt for them.

Top your magazine with a bow or tie with a ribbon, to make it pretty like.

Present magazine with breakfast in bed or with a little something to help you fulfill your gifts to her.    

Your little lady is going to cherish her magazine pages and love you to pieces for being so sweet and thoughtful! You’re welcome, fellas!!!


Hot Moms, this part is for you…

Maybe your husband is like mine and he would never take a peek at this post without a hint or two. My tip for you is to let him know that you want the “Hot Mom Alert” for Mother’s Day. Our two ideas are to send this link to his email along with a sweet note. Or print off the printables, attach a sticky note with a short and sweet message, and leave the link to this post mentioning that the Divas will help him out.  Nothing is wrong with being direct, sometimes our husbands need a little help getting us exactly what we want!  Muah!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you hot mamas! 


About the Author: Michelle

I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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  1. Omg! Love love love this idea. My hubbys definitely going to get a “hint”, “hint” from me about it! Keep more coming, just like this! Thank u!!!

    1. Hi Sarah! Ha! You’re too funny! Sometimes our sweet hubbies need lots of hints! No shame in getting exactly what you want from your man. You are so welcome, enjoy!!! xox