How to Make Christmas Decor Cookies

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The Perfect Guide to Beautiful Decor Cookies

Christmas is synonymous with decorated sugar cookies, and since we can’t separate the two, we’ve brought them together in one epic date and service opportunity! This amazing night full of making Christmas decor cookies has two options for you and your sweetie: date night and cookies for you OR making and gifting beautifully decorated Christmas cookies as a neighbor gift. Keep scrolling to learn about both!

Read a poem to walk you through Christmas decor cookies this season. | The Dating Divas
How to decorate Christmas cookies

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A Christmas Decor Cookies Date Night Game

Looking for a truly SWEET date night? Play this game that will leave you with some deliciously decorated cookies. Of course, to prepare for your special night, you’re going to need some cookies! So buy or make sugar cookies and leave them plain for your date night. Don’t worry; they will get all covered up during the main event: This adorable Cookie Dough Roll Game!

Roll a dice to make decorated Christmas cookies. | The Dating Divas
Cookie decorating game

Cookie Dough Roll is a game of fate. No icing Christmas decor cookies with a single color and a simple dusting of shiny sugar for you this year! Of note: You can decide if you want to complete icing the Christmas cookies beforehand or have that be the first step of date night. Either way works because the Cookie Dough Roll game is all about the toppings!

Speaking of toppings, there are a few that you need to be prepared with:

The toppings above are a few basic ones that we chose for our Christmas decor cookies, but you could also use the blank list included in the printable and fill it in with your preferred treats!

Last thing: Grab a single die to play the game, and you are ready!


The time has come. You have completed icing some Christmas cookies, and you are ready to top them. Decide who will go first, you or your spouse, and roll away! The concept of the game is to roll the die and then add the designated topping that coordinates with which number you roll. Your decorated Christmas cookies will obviously be festive and delicious regardless of what you roll!

Decor cookies make a great date night for the holidays. | The Dating Divas
A Christmas cookie decorating date night

You can choose to have each player roll their dice three times in a row OR alternate between players. Then, add the assigned topping for each number and come out of the game with some truly uniquely decorated cookies.

While we originally planned this as a date night just for two, we couldn’t leave our kiddos out of it when the time came. They loved hopping in on the game, and they loved eating the decorated sugar cookies even more!

Gifting Decorated Christmas Cookies to Neighbors

While we kept the crazy decorated cookies to ourselves, we also made a few to take to our neighbors. You can do this too! Enjoy two special ways we created for you.

NEIGHBOR COOKIE GIFT IDEA #1: The first is to give your neighbors all the ingredients to have a fun night making decor cookies of their own. Provide the sprinkles, cookie dough, and even a plate to display them on! Then, attach a sweet card that will walk them through icing the Christmas cookies and adding the decorations / toppings. (Linked below!)

NEIGHBOR COOKIE GIFT IDEA #2: The second cookie gift idea is to bake up the cookies and decorate them for date night (or with your family), THEN deliver them with the other note option that talks about what you did to the cookies and why! (Also linked below.)

Give your neighbors and friends a cookie kit and decor cookies guide. | The Dating Divas
Gift tag for friends and neighbors

Regardless of how you gift these cookies, they will love the special time it provides for their family AND the yummy treats they get to enjoy.

The special note you could give with the pre-made cookies says:

Dear Friend,

We made these sweet cookies for you as a gift,

We hope to give your holiday spirits a lift.

The holiday season would not be complete

Without the sharing of a special treat.

First, we frosted the cookie with icing so sweet

Then added decorations to make it a treat!

For Santa, we sprinkled some sugar of red,

And made a special cap upon his head,

We made s snowman cookie for this snowy day,

We gave him a candy scarf to chase the cold away.

The star is a symbol of hope so bright,

When you eat it, you can reflect on its light.

Gingerbread men and women needed clothes!

We covered them up from their head to their toes.

From our house to yours, we bring you these treats

And hope your holiday season is so very sweet!

Decor cookies are a great neighbor gift. | The Dating Divas
Neighbor cookie plate

If you love the idea of a more structured decorated sugar cookie experience, there is also a similar poem for you and your spouse to follow as you make a plate of Christmas cookies just for you both.

An especially sweet date night. | The Dating Divas
A couple decorates Christmas cookies.

How to make beautiful decor cookies

While the game above is fun and a little silly, we always wanted to provide you with a resource for learning HOW to actually create stunning decorated cookies (it’s not as simple as it looks, right??)

Turns out, The New York Times has a fantastic article on How to Decorate a Sugar Cookie Like a Pro. You’re definitely going to want to check this out before you get started decorating your own cookies. Your neighbors (or friends and family) will be so impressed with your skills if you follow these hot tips!

In the end, we hope you enjoy a super sweet night full of fun, games, and a little service this holiday season as you create these darling decor cookies!

For more ideas on how to give the best gifts to your neighbors, you’re going to want to check out our GIANT list of 101 Quick and Easy Neighbor Gifts.

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