How to Wrap Gifts Without the Humbug

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The Ultimate Guide to Gift Wrapping

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but that pile of unwrapped Christmas gifts stares back at you every time you open the closet. Ugh, not so jolly. Anyone else been there?

This year, us Divas want to make sure you are prepared for Christmas. No more “Bah, humbug,” when it comes to gift wrapping! In fact, we’ve rounded up our favorite tools, gift wrapping ideas, and ‘How to Wrap Gifts’ tutorials just for you. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve even created a Christmas gift wrapping date night for you and your sweetie that we know you will just fa-la-la-la-LOVE!

Are you ready? Let’s go!

How to wrap gifts beautifully this Christmas season | The Dating Divas
How to wrap gifts for Christmas

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Table of Contents
  1. The Ultimate Guide to Gift Wrapping
  2. How to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro: Best Tools For Gift Wrapping
  3. Tips & Tricks for Wrapping Beautiful Presents
  4. Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Neighbor Gifts
  5. Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Teacher Gifts
  6. Gift Wrapping Date Night
  7. The Perfect Gift Tags For Your Spouse
  8. Gift Wrapping Sexy Invite
Christmas wrapping ideas that will make wrapping a breeze | The Dating Divas
Christmas wrapping ideas for this holiday season

How to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro: Best Tools For Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping can be so tricky, especially when you don’t have the correct tools. Who else is tired of using dull scissors or tape that doesn’t hold the paper down? Don’t worry, we’ve got you! Here’s a list of our three favorite tools to get you started.

  • Scotch Gift Wrap Tape: This tape is the BEST. It’s completely translucent, so no more tape ruining the beautiful designs on the wrapping paper. It also has a super strong hold which makes it perfect for heavy duty wrapping paper!
How to use Scotch Gift Wrap Tape for gift wrapping | The Dating Divas
Scotch Gift Wrap Tape for gift wrapping
  • Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter: Trust us, it’s time to put the old, dull kitchen scissors away. This gift wrap cutter is magic, and it’s so easy to use! It also has a built-in ribbon curler.
Use the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter for all your gift wrapping | The Dating Divas
Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter for gift wrapping
  • Wrapping Paper Organizer: Some of us Divas have been storing wrapping paper in old moving boxes, under the bed, or in a messy pile on the top shelf of a closet. No more! You’re going to love this wrapping paper organizer. It holds up to 18 rolls of wrapping paper, and it also includes pockets for gift bags and bows! The best part? It’s compact and slim.
Store your gift wrapping supplies in this storage box | The Dating Divas
Wrapping Paper Storage Box for gift wrapping supplies

Let’s move on to how to wrap presents!

Tips & Tricks for Wrapping Beautiful Presents

Alright, now that we’ve shown you our must-have tools, let’s dive into how to wrap presents. We found this awesome tutorial that we hope will be so helpful! One of our favorite things about this video is it shows you how to wrap one of the hardest gifts: a ball!

You can also watch this video which showcases different gift wrapping ideas using items from around your house! Who knew a toilet paper roll and a Pringles can could come in handy once the original product has been used?!

We love these gift wrapping ideas, and we hope you will too!

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Neighbor Gifts

Let’s talk about neighbor gifts for a sec. Neighbors can be like a second family to a lot of people, and we know that this can cause unnecessary pressure when it comes to giving them a gift. Because of that, we did a little research and found….

This darling $3 Gift Idea: Brownies In A Jar + Printable! Why is it perfect for your neighbors? Well, who doesn’t love chocolate, especially when it’s in brownie form?! It’s also budget friendly and oh-so easy to make. But THE most important reason it’s the perfect neighbor gift is because it doesn’t require any wrapping! Huzzah! (Seriously, just add a little ribbon and the darling printable and you’re good to go!)

Christmas wrapping ideas for your neighbor gifts | The Dating Divas
Brownies In A Jar + Printable Neighbor Gift Christmas wrapping ideas

Speaking of wrapping paper, what’s one thing you always need, but seem to run out of, during the holiday season? Wrapping paper! That’s why we also love this darling Neighbor Gift with DIY Chalkboard Tags, aka actually gifting wrapping paper! We are sure your neighbors will be ever so grateful for a roll of new wrapping paper, and doubly grateful for not having to make another run to Target to purchase more.

Wrapping Paper + Tags neighbor gift wrapping ideas | The Dating Divas
Wrapping Paper + Tags neighbor gift wrapping ideas

Christmas Wrapping Ideas for Teacher Gifts

Next up is teacher gifts. For whatever reason, teachers are so hard to shop for! We want to make sure teachers feel loved and appreciated, but we also want to give them a practical gift they can either use at home or in the classroom.

After speaking with a few teacher friends, we discovered two things that they love to receive as Christmas gifts: gift cards and sweet treats. Of course, they’ll never say no to classroom supplies, and coffee/hot chocolate mugs are always appreciated as well!

This is why we feel this Cookie Dough Gift Idea would be perfect for the teachers in your life! Pair it with a gift card, and you’re set.

Cookie dough gift wrapping idea for teachers | The Dating Divas
Cookie dough gift wrapping

As for gift cards, of course you can always go with the standard envelopes that usually come with a gift card. However, why use those envelopes when you can make these cute Gift Card Holder Holiday Cards?

We think the message inside the card holder is charming, too!

Gift Card Holders gift wrapping ideas for teachers | The Dating Divas
Gift Card Holders gift wrapping ideas

Gift Wrapping Date Night

Alright, now to make this FUN! Grab your sweetie, and get ready for a night of gift wrapping! You will need wrapping paper, tape, scissors or a gift wrap cutter, bows, a pen, a blindfold, and a timer.

How to wrap presents this Christmas and have fun doing it | The Dating Divas
How to wrap presents and have fun doing it.

You’re going to LOVE the printables we’ve included with this date! (Linked conveniently below!) We’ve provided for you…

  • An invitation to the date
  • A scorecard for some fun games
  • Some darling gift tags for your lover
  • And a super fun intimacy surprise!

Once you’re all set up, let the merriness begin! You can play the games in any order you’d like and / or play as a break between the more serious wrapping (the actual task of the night!) If you want, you could also play them all at once. It’s totally flexible!

Below is an explanation of the three GIFT WRAPPING games you can play for date night:

  1. Blindfolded Wrapping: Take turns being blindfolded, and when it’s your turn, attempt to wrap the prettiest gift! Each wrapper has 60 seconds.
  2. No-Hands Wrapping: Either tie your hands behind your back with the blindfold, or simply place them on the table – just don’t be tempted to use them! When the 60 second timer starts, each wrapper will attempt to completely wrap as many gifts as they can but without using their hands!
  3. Timed Wrapping: This game can be taken seriously, or it can be played more goofy! If you’d like it to be more serious, consider setting a timer for the two of you, and see who can wrap the most gifts in X amount of time. If you want to make it more goofy, have each wrapper do their best to completely wrap as many gifts as they can in 60 seconds. Maybe these ones won’t make it under the tree… LOL!
How to wrap presents while also having fun this holiday season | The Dating Divas
How to wrap presents while also having fun.

The Perfect Gift Tags For Your Spouse

As far as the perfect gift tags for your sweetie, we’ve got you covered there too! Aren’t these tags cuter than baby reindeer? We think so! And we know your spouse will love them!

Use festive tags for Christmas wrapping ideas | The Dating Divas
Cute tags for gift wrapping ideas

Once you’ve finished up the wrapping and the games, surprise your sweetie with an invitation to unwrap YOU… in the bedroom! 😉

Gift Wrapping Sexy Invite

Gift wrapping sexy date idea | The Dating Divas
Invitation for intimacy during gift wrapping date

You’ve had lots of fun, and gotten the important job of wrapping Christmas gifts done (great job!) So now it’s time to celebrate by unwrapping each other in bed!

Simply slip this little invitation over to your sweetheart and watch for their surprised reaction. We’ll let you figure out where to take things from there! 😉

Happy wrapping, and Merry Christmas!

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