HUGE Mother’s Day Sale!

Our huge Mother’s Day Sale!

From May 6th to May 9th, enjoy up to 50% off on our most popular Mother’s Day products! It’s a Mother’s Day Sale -bration!

Celebrate all the incredible Mother's in your life with a huuuuuuge Mother's Day sale! We've discounted 6 of our most popular family-related products just in time for you to take advantage for Mother's Day. Better hurry! Sale only lasts May 6th through 9th! #MothersDay #TheDatingDivas #MothersDaySale #OnSale

Mom, mom, mom! Ok, now that we have your attention 😉 We are celebrating all the incredible Mothers in our lives with a huuuuuuge Mother’s Day sale! We’ve discounted 6 of our most popular family-related products just in time for you to take advantage for Mother’s Day. Moms do a LOT, from keeping the family organized to cooking, cleaning, and even being the taxi driver for our kids. And not only that, but they provide so much of the emotional and spiritual fulfillment that our little people need from us, too! Keeping all of that in mind, our family-centered products are designed to help make being a Momma (or a parent) just a little bit easier and a LOT more fun! And we wanted this Mother’s Day to be extra special for all the amazing Moms in your life by slashing the prices on our best products for Mom!

For the next THREE days only, the following products are on SUPER sale!

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That’s one heck-of-a SALE-bration, right?!

Here’s a little more detail about each of the incredible packs we’ve discounted for our Mother’s Day Sale:

Spend More Time With Your Teenagers

Mother's Day Sale - Spend More Time With Your Teens

Everyone seems to live in fear of parenting teens. What will {or won’t!} your teenager do next?! Don’t be too harsh, teens need love too–maybe even more than you {or they} realize. In order to help spread the love to our double-digit progeny, the Divas have created an amazing pack of quality time aids to help you with parenting your teen! This way you and your teen get some time set aside to reconnect and strengthen the parent-teen relationship they will need to lean on when times are rough 🙂

Was $6.97

Now only $4.97!

Brighten your kids’ day with our “Open When” Letters for Kids Kit!

Mother's Day Sale - Connect with your little ones using our Open When Letters for Kids!

We always want to be there for our little ones as they grow. We wish we could be there for them through all their ups and their downs – and now you can! Our collection of Open When Letters for Kids gives you the chance to write heartfelt messages to encourage, console, celebrate and offer advice to your kiddos in the moment they need it the most! With over 30 open when letter topics that are specifically geared towards kids, you truly have a unique and special gift idea for kids that they will treasure forever!

Was $8.98

Now only $4.97!


Connect with your kiddos using our Mini Mom & Dad Dates Kit!

Mother's Day Sale - Date Night with Your Kids Ideas

Setting aside time for a mini date night with your kids is the perfect way to get some quality one-on-one time, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories! Kids thrive off of positive interactions and will be so excited to share special moments with Mom and Dad each month. Now that I have my own daughter, I love providing special experiences that she’ll remember. This kit has all of the tools you need to set up future Mom and Dad date nights, and find out what adventures your child wants to experience with you!

Was $4.97

Now only $3.97!



Plan ahead with our Year of Kid Dates Binder Kit!

Mother's Day Sale - Plan an entire year of dates with your kids!

Children cherish the one-on-one time they have with their parents. I remember being SO excited to go on “Special Days” with my dad, even if it was just something simple like getting ice cream or going for a drive. Here at the Divas, we wanted to come up with an easy way to help you plan fun and original activities to do with your kiddos, to create cherished memories and meaningful conversation! So we created 12 mini dates, specifically for kids and parents to do together, and they all pack neatly into a binder. What kid wouldn’t be excited to receive this as a birthday or Christmas gift?? We want to help you give your children more of what’s important in life – your PRESENCE instead of just PRESENTS! (See what we did there?? hehe)

Was $14.97

Now only $6.99!



Enjoy an entire Year of Family Dates Night Activities!

Mother's Day Sale - Put together an entire year of family date activities!

In a family, love is spelled T–I–M–E. Taking time to be together as a family and to participate in meaningful and memorable activities is oh-so-important. For all of those families who want to make some fun family memories, but would rather spend their precious time together, instead of planningwhat to do—this pack is for YOU! The Year of Family Dates includes 12 unique family activities and ideas to help your family spend some much-needed quality time together. All these family date night ideas are housed in this easy-to-organize binder and include activities that are family-friendly, interactive, and are sure to leave lasting memories!

Was $10.99

Now only $4.99!



Spread some fun and cheer with our Kit Sticky Note Pack!

Mother's Day Sale - Spread some fun and cheer with our Kits Sticky Notes pack!

We LOVE the kiddos in our lives and we want them to know! But with everything we have on our plates (not to mention THEIR jam-packed schedules), it can be tricky coming up with creative ways to spread that love, right? Not anymore! Introducing Kids’ Sticky Notes: a one-of-a-kind printable pack of stickable goodness – just for KIDS! From birthdays and milestones to everything in between, these bite-sized notes will let them know how all-around-awesome they are in a fun and kid-friendly way!

Was $3.97

Now only $2.97!



We hope you enjoy taking advantage of these incredible Mother’s Day Sale deals!

Remember, the sale ends May 9th!

Mother’s Day comes but once a year and with these awesome printable products, you’re sure to make this Mother’s Day special!

To see all of the products that are on sale, go here! And to see even more gift ideas for all kinds of Moms, go here!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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