Hunger Games: Catching Fire Dinner and A Movie

Hunger Games Date Night

Whooo, hooo, November 22nd is almost here!!!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire movie premiere is only 4 days away and I can’t wait!!!

I love these books and I have very high hopes for this second Hunger Games movie. Every time I see the previews, I squirm in my seat with excitement! November 22nd is right around the corner and I am throwing a premiere dinner and movie party on the big night and all of you are invited to throw a party too!!!


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The Movie

Catching Fire comes out on Nov. 22nd, hopefully you’ve grabbed your tickets already for the premiere, if not, do so asap if you want to snag a couple of seats!!!

Why all the hype? These books are ah-maz-ing and you are compelled to love Katniss Everdeen!!! Hunger Games is all about survival, freedom, heros, and love. The story draws you in, in an instant, and the plot keeps your interest.What, you haven’t read the books yet?! How is that possible?! I’ve read this trilogy 3 times now and I am listening to book 2, to get prepped for the movie as we speak because I’m hooked!!! Hurry on over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Catching Fire asap!

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a little synopsis. The first book, The Hunger Games, introduces you to the districts and the main characters. Quickly you learn about the Capital and the continual fight for food. We follow Katniss and Peeta into the arena and cheer for their new found love and survival. The second book, Catching Fire, makes you want to join the rebellion against the Capital. It makes you fall in love with the former winners of the Hunger Games. And again makes you cheer for love! See what I’m talking about, why would you want to miss any of this??? On top of all that, these aren’t just girlie books or movies, my hubby loves these just as much as I do! Now we’re talking, right?!

Did I just hear you say you haven’t even seen the preview yet? Seriously, you need to take a peek but beware you are going to be hooked!!!


Woooo, again squirming in my seat!!!  If you weren’t a fan before, you’re going to be after you hear about this date. Get ready, it’s time for us to prepare for a par-tay!!!

The Theme

We are turning our home into the arena in a few easy steps. Clear out the living room (or whatever is the biggest room in your home), move everything into another room, if possible, or move everything against one or two walls. Have a spot on the floor in the living room designated for the arena feast, place a cornucopia in this spot. Make a cornucopia, find a few tutorials online, or buy one, there are a ton of these at hobby stores during this time of the year. Create a few parachutes with some of the food items you are serving for the feast on them, Peeta bread works perfect for this, here’s a cute tutorial by Rae Gun Ramblings. Peek at a few pictures of Katniss and Peeta online and dress up like they do in the movie, tights and all. Grab a megaphone from a toy store or make one with rolled up paper. You and your hubby are competing against each other in the arena, the two of you are going to outquiz, outskill, outplay, and outsmart each other. The best part of this whole night is you will end the evening attending the movie! Maybe I should have titled this date: Exciting, Thrilling, and Dangerous!!!

Before we go any further I need to say THANK YOU and  brag about Sameeha, the designer over at The Inked Leaf. She loves The Hunger Games just as much as I do. She not only designed these fabulous printables, yes they are fabulous and there are lots and lots of them, she also gave me ideas for a few of the games.  What more could you ask for in your designer; skill and killer ideas! Take a moment or two and go check The Inked Leaf out, you will see why I love her so much and you will fall in love with her, too.  I’ll be right here when you get back….

The Invite and The Dinner


President Snow is inviting you to join the tributes for the first live taping of the 75th Quarter Quell Hunger Games, can you believe it? There are two invites, one with the date of Nov. 22nd (just in case you are a fanatic and are planning on seeing the premiere) and one with a blank spot for the date, you pick whatever night suits you best!

Now that you’ve got an invite, it’s time to start preparing the rest of the night.

The Feast Menu is:

Tree Sap- A red drink

Black Market Berries On A Charged Wire-Assortment of berries stuck on a long piece of wire hanger or a skewer soaked in a cup with black food coloring.

Rebellion Dandelion Greens- A green salad

Peeta’s Bakery Bread -Small loaves of bread

Relief Lamb Stew-Lamb, Beef, or Chicken stew

Capital Sweets-Finger food treats (don’t go crazy cause there is a yummy movie goodie bag below)

Tick Tock Hot Chocolate- You’ve got to have hot chocolate!

The feast will be served during the middle of the games. The trick is to have these items ready. Serve food out like a buffet and set aside in the area somewhere next to the cornucopia.  You want to keep the meal in the playing area for easy access. A good idea would be to have a crock pot in a small corner of the “arena” filled with the items you need to keep warm.  Hide the crock pot behind the cornucopia.

To start the feast, announce over the megaphone to all the players that it is time for the FEAST at the cornucopia.


The Lottery and Reaping

This is where the competition begins! The two of you will enter your names into the reaping with every wrong answer you give to the questions in this Catching Fire quiz.  I hope the two of you are up to date on your Catching Fire facts!!!  The winner, the person with the least entries, gets 15 points for this section.

Before you start playing the quiz, open up to this post and quickly open the answer sheet, {don’t you dare look at it}, and then hurry and close the screen.

You will need to print off one copy of the question sheet. Provide a blank sheet of paper and a pen for each of you.  One of you will read the questions and both of you will pick an answer privately. After you have finished with the quiz, it’s time to start entering the lottery.

Now you’re ready to open up that computer screen and look at the answers together. Reveal your answer sheet and go over the correct answers on the screen. For every incorrect answer, write your name on the lottery slip, give a blood sample (no worry it’s already on there for ya), fold up your slip, and drop it into the lottery bowl. Honesty is the best policy, right?! Even if you mess up big time on the quiz, you can make it up later in the following games.

Let’s add up those slips. Draw them out one by one and read the name off and mark a tally for that player. The player with the least amount of entries at the end gets 15 points!


The Games

Are you ready to get physical?! Yes, is always the answer to that question, *wink!

These games are all about having fun, a few require skill, and they will definitely save your life in the arena!

To begin each game, the arena master will announce each new game over the megaphone, along with the rules, time limit for each game, and points awarded to the winner.

May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

Quarter Quell Games:

How To Play: The Lottery and Reaping quiz. One player reads the questions and both players answer secretly on their own sheet of paper. The answers will be read, no peeking before time, for every incorrect answer the player writes their name on a lottery slip, and places it into a bowl. Once all the answers have been read the names will be removed from the dish and a tally will be marked for each name read.  15 points are for the winner.

Career Dodge Grenade:

How to Play: Divide the arena in half and each tribute gets 3 mini, soft balls (Nerf balls would be great). Time limit for game is 5 minutes. The tributes can not cross the half mark, they must stay on their side. Each tribute throws balls at their opponent, trying to hit them below the head as many times as they can. Each tribute must keep track of how many hits they get. Winner gets 5 points.

Tracker Jacker Tag:

How to Play: Tag with mini colored sticker dots. Each player has a different color sticker dot sheet. The goal of the game is to get as many of your stickers on your opponent as possibly by the end of the game. Winner gets 10 points.

Camouflage Cookies:

How to Play: The players each get 3 cookies, several colors of frosting, and 5 minutes to camouflage themselves, an item in the room, or a game item with the cookies. Winner gets 10 points.

Archery Expertise:

How to Play: Set up a playing area with a dart board or a target. Place an apple in the middle of the target or dart board. Each player gets 5 darts and two attempts to hit the apple.  Winner gets 5 points.

Nerf Gun Wars:

How to Play: Each player gets a Nerf gun or a Marshmallow Shooter and enough ammo for 10 shots. Designate the playing area. The object of the game is to hit the opponent with as many bullets as possible before the time is up. Winner gets 5 points.

Knot Tying Exhibition:

How to Play: Grab a few knot tying tutorials and place them at the knot tying station for each player to look at. Give each player one rope. Set a time limit for each type of knot.  One player will tie one knot at a time. When the player thinks they have completed the knot they must pass the knot to the judge for scrutiny. 10 points for the winner.

 Capture The Flag:

 How to Play: Each player has a flag around their waste. Select location of play and at the start of the game, each player attempts to grab the flag of the opponent. Once the flag has been removed the player needs to attempt to grab their flag or their opponents flag within the time limit allotted.  Winner gets 5 points.

The Movie Party Pack

You can’t have a movie without treats, at least I can’t! So I’ve put together a fun “Catching Fire” themed party pack to enjoy during the movie.

Arena water- bottle of water

District Four Fish-swedish fish

Catching Fire Balls-atomic fire balls

Rebellion Rocks-pop rocks

District 11 Agriculture Fruit Snacks-fruit leather

Morphlings Addictions-your favorite candy

Mr. Mellarks Cookies-any yummy cookies

Coal-candy coal

The Catching Fire Date: How To

The date has been set, the invite has been given, the arena has been prepared, the food is set near the cornucopia, and the two of you are dressed for the arena, now what?!

You will start the date with the lottery/reaping entries aka the quiz.

Followed by Career Dodge Grenade, Tracker Jacker Tag, and Camouflage Cookies.

At this point in the night the two of you should be hungry which makes it the perfect time for the “feast” to interrupt the games. Announce the feast over the megaphone.

The games will continue with Archery and the following three games after the feast.

And finally date night ends with the movie, either Catching Fire or watch the first movie The Hunger Games.

 I would suggest the two of you ditch work, have a sick day, send the kids to the sitters, and enjoy a full day playing, feasting, and catching the movie. Again, may the odds be ever in your favor!!!

The Printables


Blank Invitation

Lottery Questions

Lottery Slips

Reaping Answers (Do not view this until after you have answered all of the questions in the quiz.  You don’t want to ruin it  for either of you!!!)

Game Scoresheet

Food and Movie Pack


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    1. I wasn’t super impressed with the first but it looks like there will be a lot more money spent on this movie, which always makes the movie better, so I can’t wait!!! xox

    1. Click on the INVITATION printable towards the bottom of the post. The printable with the date of the 22nd and the blank invite are on one page. Let me know if you need any more help. Enjoy! xox

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  1. Wow, these are really creative ideas! I love your website and all of the great things you come up with. I like that you aren’t afraid to be silly and have fun with the activities.

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  2. This could not have come at a better time! We are celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary this weekend with this movie in the VIP lounge of the local movie theater! What fun to bring the quiz along with us and have the invitation to make it a little more special. Thanks!

  3. We are so excited for this date. We decided to include our kids and we have had so much fun planning it and we are all excited for the date. We love your ideas since it is sometimes hard to get a babysitter for the kids we can adapt it to a family date night 🙂

    1. I can totally see everyone getting so excited about this date. The games are so much fun and I’m sure your kids added to the competition! What games did you do? I am so glad you were able to adapt this to your needs, that’s totally what it’s all about. Our readers are the reason we love what we do!!! xox

      1. We played all the games. The boys sure won all the competitive games but us girls won the trivia game. My kids are already asking when the next family date night is!! Thanks for a great date night and fun ideas. You are making my relationship with my husband stronger as well as helping us build great memories for our kids.

        1. Oh my goodness, sounds like such a good time!!! I bet they are excited for more fun games. We have quite a few family date night ideas, enough to keep you all entertained for quite some time!!! You are super sweet, we love what we do because of readers like you!!! Im glad you all had soo much fun!!!! xox