If you feel like that intimate connection with your spouse has fallen flat lately, my proven 10-day formula has helped even the busiest parents and couples find time for intimacy! You’ll learn that intimacy, like music, is basically a few easy notes. Master them, and you can play an infinite number of songs that are music to your spouse’s ears. {wink!}

The “10 Days to Divorce Proof Your Marriage” Workbook gives you the tools to help decipher the intimacy issues in your relationship.

Your differing intimacy needs may be rooted in other areas of your marriage, and we’ll explore one area a day for the next 10 days. These exercises will help you bring more intimacy to your relationship—FAST!

  1. How setting goals for your marriage can bring you closer!
  2. How dating your spouse doesn’t have to end at the door!
  3. How feeling confident can help bring you closer in the bedroom!
  4. Proven techniques to really connect with your spouse!
  5. How working together during the day can translate into steamier nights!
  6. How respecting one another can create positive connections in bed!
  7. How forgiveness can open up a world of intimate feelings!
  8. How trusting each other is essential to fun in the bedroom!
  9. How banishing things like finances from the bedroom means greater intimacy!
  10. The proven techniques for greater satisfaction – for both of you!

YES! Please send me 10 days of secrets to help my spouse and I become more intimate!