Intimate Recipe Book of Sexy Ideas

Bedroom Recipe Book of Sexy Ideas for Couples

Have you heard the saying “Sex begins in the kitchen?” We are about to make that literal and give you a fun, spicy idea to heat up your love life. Whip up a little cookbook of sexy ideas for couples. Inside are intimate “recipes” for activities that both of you can enjoy to mix things up in your sex life! These recipes will give you a list of “ingredients” you’ll need and instructions for some new intimate ideas to bring some romantic foods in the bedroom.  Get ready to cook up some love (and kiss the cook!). Bon Appetite!

Intimate Recipe Book Sexy Ideas for Couples #bedroomideas #sexyideasforcouples

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Dating Divas Intimacy Disclosure

The secret ingredient to a good sex life is making sure things don’t get boring! To help you keep things fresh and give you some fun sex ideas with food, we teamed up with Courtney from Paperelli to design a darling printable sexy cookbook! Thanks, Courtney!

Make your Recipe Book of Sexy Ideas

All you need to do it is to print out the cards, punch a hole in the corner, and attach them together on a binder ring. Then you are ready to cook up a storm (of love!).

Sexy Ideas for Couples in an Intimate Recipe Book

Recipes for Intimate Ideas in the Bedroom

The recipe book contains 8 activities for you and your sweetie, starting mild and sweet with an Avo-cuddle Appetizer and getting more seductive with the Sushi Roll! Some of the recipes are suggestions with romantic foods for the bedroom, but not all of them are sex ideas with food – just “food-themed!” Save this idea on Pinterest!

Sexy Bedroom Ideas with Food

If you want to make more of a full date night out of this idea, start by cooking dinner together! It would really heat things up in your kitchen if you both wore only aprons with some sexy lingerie underneath! It might be hard to concentrate on the food, so make sure you don’t let it burn… WINK!

You could even set up a little Couples Cafe where your spouse “pays” for their food with kisses and affection instead of money! Pin this date idea!

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  1. I’m loving this idea. I think I want to wrap it up as a gift for my husband with all of the ingredients. I’m sure that would be an exciting gift!