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Kissing can be soooo yummy, especially when it is with your #1 man!  Sometimes though, it can be missing that ‘fresh’ factor.  Today, I am going to share with you a great tip that will make kissing your husband go from ho hum, to YUM YUM!  This tip was inspired by this strange tool I spotted in my husband’s shaving kit back when we were on our honeymoon.  I had never seen one before in my life and had no clue what it was!  Any guesses?

Here’s a second clue then of the more modern looking one I bought for myself.  Still no idea?

I know, I know, you are dying to know what this thing is and how it’s going to spice up your kissing.  I will let you in on the secret: It’s called a TONGUE SCRAPER.  Ya, kinda weird I know, but it can do AMAZING things for your breath. We all know how much more appealing it is to kiss (or even talk to) someone with nice, fresh breath.  Brushing and flossing is super important but according to studies, the decaying bacteria that collects on the very back of your tongue causes…wait for it…80-95% of bad breath!  Nasty!  Don’t you just want to get rid of it right now?

On a very happy note you’ll find that these tongue scrapers take just a second to use, are cheap and easy to buy. The ones I got were at Target and came in a convenient pink and blue two-pack for about 2 bucks a scraper.  When I used it for the first time I could not believe how great it worked!  Wow!

So if you are ready to bump your kissing enjoyment up a notch or two, then pick one up for yourself and surprise your husband with his own today.  Then as a special treat, hop on over to Wendy’s post, Guess The Flavor  which is full of lip-smacking kissing fun.  If you are looking for another spicy kissing game, then pick up a copy of our  e-book  “The Ultimate Date Night Book” and turn to page 25 for a date that will really get the sparks flying!

Happy Kissing!  Mwah!



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  1. Seriously has been one of my favorite mouth cleaning tools for years now! I won’t leave home without one. Still trying to convince my hubby that this is an everyday thing, he’s still trying to convince me that it’s an every other day thing! lol I’m gonna get him to see my way of thinking one of these days!!! xox <3