You’ve Been Shamrocked: Lawn Leprechaun Idea

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Holidays are a great time for surprises and delivering gifts. Around Thanksgiving time you might get GOBBLED and you may have been JINGLED at Christmastime. During the month of love, you might plan a Valentine’s HEART ATTACK, and when Easter rolls around, you might even get EGGED! We’re continuing these fun holiday traditions on St. Patrick’s Day! This year, your friends and neighbors (or even your own family or spouse!) will get SHAM-ROCKED with this Lawn Leprechaun idea!

Lawn Leprechaun Surprise Ideas

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This darling Leprechaun with his shamrocks & goodies were designed by Joanna from JAB Creative Australia. I love them! She did such a fabulous job on this little guy! I would just die of cuteness if I went outside and saw him in my lawn. Thanks so much Joanna {y’all have got to check her out}!

Preparing Your St. Patrick’s Day Surprise!

Get ready for your sneaky mission to shamrock the house of a friend, neighbor, or even leave this on the lawn for your own kids or spouse! Start by attaching the Lawn Leprechaun, his speech bubble and a handful of shamrocks to some wooden skewer sticks or dowels. I just slapped them on with a piece of scotch tape of the back. Quick and easy!

Leprechaun Idea Shamrocked Printables

Create a Pot O’ Gold to leave at the end of the shamrock trail. You can use a small bucket or pail, or even a glass jar. Fill your container with chocolate gold coins and Rolos. You can choose to use a printable wrap or gift tag to make your pot o’ gold festive and fun!

Surprise Leprechaun Idea Jar Gold Surprise Leprechaun Idea Pot of Gold

You’ve been SHAMROCKED!

The first part of this door bell ditch surprise is to leave a note on the doorstep! Place the “You’ve Been SHAMROCKED” note, along with a bunch of our printable shamrocks, near the entrance – covering the mat, the door, anywhere you like!

Surprise Leprechaun Idea Shamrocked!

Stick your Leprechaun and his speech bubble into the yard. Make sure to place him somewhere close to the front door, so your friends will see him right when they step outside! Line up the shamrocks behind him in a trail, leading to the treasure.

Surprise Lawn Leprechaun Idea

The treasure: a Pot O’ Gold!

The shamrock trail leads to a Pot O’ Gold! Hide your Pot O’ Gold in the grass at the end of the shamrocks. Make sure not to hide TOO well… you want it to be found! Now that you’re all set up, ring the doorbell and run! Your loved ones are about to have a lucky surprise this St. Patrick’s Day!

Leprechaun Idea - Lawn Surprise Pot of Gold!

Print out your Lawn Leprechaun & shamrocks to start planning this sneaky surprise. This Leprechaun idea is sure to make someone’s St. Patrick’s Day a little more magical!


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You've Been "SHAMROCKED" Lawn Leprechaun Idea

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