Legally Blonde Date Night

Legally Blonde Movie Night

We are SO excited to be partnering up with Picky Palate today!  What?! Never heard of Picky Palate??  …boy oh boy, are you MISSING out!

Jenny Flake is the author of Picky Palate.  She’s been on Food Network’s Build A Better Burger, The Ultimate Recipe Showdown, The National Chicken Cook-off and The Pillsbury Bake-Off- to name a few. Creating original recipes and capturing food photography is Jenny’s new passion and she loves sharing her journey with her readers.   And today, we’ve teamed up with Picky Palate to bring you a special treat…

Dinner and a Movie!! 

Yep, the classic – and BEST combination for a perfect date night (food + movie = awesome)! Come on, who doesn’t love a date with a good movie and some AH-MAZ-ING food?   Hold on to your seats because we’re going to hook you up with lots of fabulous ideas for your next dinner and a movie date, and Picky Palate is taking care of all the yummy food details for you.  Read on, because you’ve got one inexpensive (already planned) date night coming your way…

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The Movie

We went with Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon and Luke Wilson.  It is such a fun and cute movie with SO many awesome ideas to incorporate into this date.  So, let’s begin!

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

I have to give a shout out to Juanita of Juanita B Photography for these wonderful pictures!

The Invite

To invite your spouse to your fun night, leave this awesome invite for him.  Fill it out with the date, time, and location of your at home date and leave it for him before he leaves for work that day (or somewhere he will find it).  There are also lots of fun printables that my fellow Diva Becca designed (um, she is just amazing!), that you can use for the rest of your date.  Details will come below…

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Now normally your hubby may not be too excited about watching this girly, chick flick.  BUT once he sees this invite and realizes that YOU will be his Elle Woods for the night.  Well… he just might be willing to see you all primped and polished and dressed up for him.  And if he still needs a little convincing.  Three words- Bend. And. Snap.  (Works every time.)  😉

The Date

When date night rolls around, there are several options…

Limited Time AND No Sitter?

Just put your little ones to bed, pop in your movie, snuggle up, and enjoy your yummy treat by Picky Palate!

Got Some Extra Time BUT No Sitter?

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

Print off these amazing printables (again have to give a shout out to the superb Becca!), and decorate for the date!  Get some snacks (hot tamales, rolos, chips, skittles, etc. OR have healthy snacks, apples, bananas, grapes, etc.) to put in some bowls and then attach these ‘buzz’ to them.  Whenever you hear one of these words in the movie, it’s time to eat the corresponding snack!  How fun is that?!  You could also put a little ‘lawyer’ twist to it by getting a gavel and then having a contest to see who can grab the gavel the fastest and tap it on a hard surface  (and no, your spouse’s head doesn’t count :)), when you hear the ‘buzz’ words.

If snacks aren’t your thing, you can have the buzz words attached with a flirty action word… hug, kiss, hold hands, cuddle, etc.  I know I am all about the touchy-feely stuff.  I LOVE being close to my hubby, so having an excuse to do these things throughout the movie sounds great!

Got Extra Time AND A Sitter? 

Now you can REALLY get all ‘Elle-d’ out! You can have a pre-movie activity.  On your invite, fill out the ‘location’ with ‘Courtroom’.  You are going to be the lawyer and your spouse will be your character witness.  When he “appears at court” at the appointed time, you can have a little courtroom fun.

For example: you are a character witness for your spouse who is accused of extreme (cuteness, fabulousness, etc.), can you testify to (you will want to have a list of questions prepared before the date starts)… what she was doing when you first met, what she does while home alone, which TV show she’ll never admit to watching, etc.  You could put a fun ‘flirty/sexy’ spin to it with some flirtatious questions and really grill your hubby.

OR, you could incorporate quotes from the movie and corresponding questions.  Here are some fun ones… “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” What makes YOUR wife happy? OR “Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed!” What’s YOUR wife’s favorite color?”  Fun huh?

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

To really make this perfect you need to get all decked out in a sexy lawyer outfit.  You could do what Elle would do and go PINK! Also, a fun pair of retro glasses, hot make-up, your hair dolled out, and a little cleavage showing would be a good place to start {WINK}!   Then, when you are questioning your character witness, he will really have to sweat it out answering to such a HOT lawyer!  He better answer right or ‘jail’ time for him :). You can also get all the pink you can find to decorate your ‘courtroom’ along with the rest of the printables…streamers, balloons, glasses, bowls, etc. and decorate.

If your husband is a fabulous sport… and if you don’t want to do the ‘grilling’ at the beginning of the date, you can always dress up as a lawyer and get your hubby a judge’s gown.  When you do your ‘buzz’ words, the outfits will really make it fun when reaching for the treats.  Why not keep a tally of who gets the gavel first and at the end of the movie, whoever has the most points gets a mani/pedi from the other.  You know Elle LOVED her mani/pedis :).

The “After Court” Party

Juanita B Photography

Juanita B Photography

 Your date could end right there, and I’m sure you’d have one happy hubby.  BUT if you really want to knock it outta the park, hand your hubby this hot printable, and see if he wants to see your ‘bend and snap’ in your bedroom {WINK}!  You can even make another reference to the movie with this quote, “And then how about 4 ammmaaazzzing hours in the hot tub?” and ask “what about our 4 ammmmmaaazzzing hours in our bedroom?” to really get his blood boiling :).

The Food

To get the “Dinner” portion of this Dinner and a Movie, head on over to Picky Palate right now!  You’re gonna love it!  They are hooking you up with a fantastic recipe of White Chocolate, Peanut Butter M and M Blondies.  Get it…BLONDies.  Clever, I know.

cami-legally blonde date night-White Chocolate Peanut Butter M and M Blondies-15t

Don’t they look DELICIOUS!  Go snag your recipe, and be sure to leave some Diva love!



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