Leprechaun Love Hunt

Romantic St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Hunt

If you enjoyed Kristen’s St. Patty’s Scavenger Hunt, then you are going to LOVE this post!  We’ve updated this love hunt idea with new printables and clues for an unforgettable night of charm, LUCK, and a wee bit of mischief!  If you are looking for a DIY St. Patrick’s Day gift that is clever and inexpensive, this date has it all!

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A huge thank you to the talented Sameeha of The Inked Leaf for creating this set of free printable clue cards– love her modern shamrock glam design!

Materials Needed:

  • Card stock, scissors for assembling the printables.
  • A small collection of your sweetheart’s favorite treats to pair with all or some of the clue cards.  As it turns out, my hubby LOVES Rolos, which work perfectly as little gold pieces to accompany this scavenger hunt!
  • Any intimate moments preparations to accompany Clue Card #7.

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To get ready for this date, simply download and print the above clues on card stock.  Cut out each little card and scatter them around the house based on the answer to the listed rhyme.  Here’s a cheat sheet of clue locations:

Clue 1: Situated in plain sight when your hubby walks in the door or after the kiddos go to sleep! Check out some shamrock and heart confetti here!

Clue 2: In the kitchen (maybe next to his favorite treat).

Clue 3: Taped to a favorite framed picture of you both.

Candice-Leprechaun Love Hunt-3

Clue 4: At the top of the stairs (a tall bookcase or ladder would also work).

Clue 5: In a kitchen cabinet next to his favorite coffee cup!

Candice-Leprechaun Love Hunt-2

Clue 6: YOU!! (He must follow the instructions to unlock this clue, wink!)

Clue 7: Next to his or your phone.

As you will notice, Lucky Clue #7 leads your man to the bedroom.  You might want to surprise him with a clever, shamrock themed Man Bouquet… OR perhaps, YOU will be his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! (wink!)  If you are looking for a few intimate moment suggestions, check out our amazing round-up of 75 Sexy Bedroom Games.

About the Author: Candice

I married my college sweetheart and am a mama to 2 adorable Shih-Tzu puppies. I have a passion for making handmade cards, discovering new recipes, and savoring travel adventures abroad.

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11 Responses to Leprechaun Love Hunt

  1. You are so creative! My friend did this for her husband for a year of dates and gave it to him for Christmas,he loved and her friends loved it and we all wanted a copy! Now we have one! Thank you for sharing this! For free, nonetheless,you will be rewarded! Think of all the marriages you’ve either saved or enhanced! We love you!

  2. I was super excited to print this out almost a month ago. Last night I told my husband I had a surprise for him when he got home. He loved the idea and was smiling the whole time. I used mini bags of skittles at each note.

  3. My boyfriend loved this… totally unexpected and it made him feel so special… he had a great basket full of candies, a gas gift card, socks and a bottle of baileys

  4. Did this for my boyfriend yesterday after he came home from work for St. Patrick’s day and he loved it….. He also happened to have a really bad day at work and he said it was the perfect pick me up. He looked like a little kid scouring the condo for the clues and chocolate coins….. his pot of gold was basket I put together with a bottle of bailey’s, gas gift card, sour skittles, junior mints, spear mint gummies, sour patch kids, spearmint gum, a mint aero bar, green socks and a big green dessert cup for pistachio ice cream!

  5. I love these adorable printables! This is the perfect idea for my hubby because he loves scavenger hunts, especially if they lead to a little something, something, wink! xox