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My bedroom is always adorned with a bouquet of fresh flowers, rose petals strewn about just like in a fantasy suite, and there is never EVER a pile of dirty clothes spilling over the laundry hamper.

Riiiiight… I wish.

I was in the cuddle mode the other night, lookin’ around my room, when it occurred to me that I am totally in control of making little changes that could make a big difference to the end of these special moments with my hubby.  So here are a few ideas to take it up a notch from “Whatevah” to “Wowza! Much-bettah!”


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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

If you want the low down on the whole setting the mood in your bedroom, go here!  One step at a time will turn a hum drum bedroom into whatever your wild {or tame} heart desires!

Okay, I’m just gonna say it.  After the excitement, it is usually necessary to have a little cleanup towel or some cleansing wipes on hand, right?  Instead of having to get up {all nekked} and find these, how simply convenient to have already set some folded hand towels out on the dresser or next to the bed to make it feel like you’re being catered to.  Even better, reasonably invest in some nice hand towels to be your designated “his & hers towels” {literally}.  C’mon, yer girlie parts gotsta have something really soft!  {They’ll thank you..}

And if you want more of the luxury hotel catered feeling, why not leave a Fancy Chocolate on your hand towels?  I’m not talkin’ about one little M&M {but don’t get me wrong, I totally wouldn’t let one go to waste!} I’m talkin’ about  special chocolates like the truffles that make your mouth water just looking at them… okay, okay, you’re right!  Any chocolate will do the trick, but big nights deserve fancy chocolate.


What else? A tall glass of ice water {HE’s my tall drink of water ~ LOL} or your spouse’s favorite drink next to the bed can be just what the doctor ordered.  Yes, that was one {singular} glass.  After all, you just shared everything… you can share water – and no doubt he’ll appreciate the extra thought.  Can you hear his response already? “What? Oh, yeah, I do want some… thanks, honey!”

A few minute shoulder/back/neck/scalp massage {wherever your spouse might need it} is perhaps the sweeeetest afterthought because when the “main activity” is over, it says that you still are wanting to please and take care of him.  Instead of “slam, bam, thank you ma’am,” it’s these extra moments of care that make your involvement in love sessions just that much more invested.

Last, but not least, hold hands as you fall asleep or softly play footsies as you wind down.  Then give your honey a heartfelt compliment.  So often we just assume that “we both thought everything was great” and we don’t verbalize it enough.  Tell your spouse you specifically loved ________ and thought he looked absolutely _________ or made you feel so __________.  Chances are, those same good points will be only magnified next time… Booh-yah! Win/Win!  Well… just sayin’!

Happy Romancin’!



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  1. Yes, the towel thing is a really good idea! And on that note…Where did you get the gray and purple towels??? I love them!

  2. My hubby likes his towel wet just afterwards, so I think I will dampen a few towels with really HOT water and wrap them in aluminum foil covered in colored cellophane so it looks like a huge piece of candy. The foil will keep the towels somewhat warm (I hope) and I know he’ll appreciate the extra thought I put into it.
    Now to go clear out the huge mountain of laundry!

  3. We totally have a big stack of “sex towels” on the shelf on the bedside table hahaha. Nothing beats getting to skip the mad dash to the bathroom. And then on laundry day if you notice that you only used a few, you know it’s time to pay a little more attention to that area in the upcoming week! 🙂

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