Love Letter Kit 2.0

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How to write a love letter, and even MORE stationery in the

Love Letter of the Month Addition Kit!

Remember our darling Love Letter of the Month Club? You loved it, and you have been asking for more! We listened and now, we present to you, the Love Letter of the Month Addition Kit! We’ve created MORE adorable stationery, envelopes, & love notes, and even included your own guide on how to write a love letter!

How to write the perfect love letter! Printable stationery, love letter scripts and more!

The lovely and fabulous Courtney, designer of Bright & Beautiful, created this amazing kit. Her designs are to die for! I especially LOVE the stationery and coordinating envelopes. You can’t find printable love letter paper this cute anywhere else! Thanks Courtney!

Printable Love Letters and Envelopes
Your Love Letter Addition Kit Contains:

  • Love Letter Scripts  We’ll become your “Love Letter Coach” and give you everything you need to know about how to write a love letter.
  • Stationery and Envelopes – Twelve months of adorable paper and matching envelopes; the best medium for expressing your love!
  • Bonus Stationery – In addition to the gorgeous, monthly stationery, you’ll get some super cute MINI letter paper, envelopes & postcards.

Monthly Love Letter Scripts

Struggling to find the perfect words to say? Don’t worry, we thought of that! Just personalize each of these done-for-you scripts with your own details and writing a love letter is suddenly easy! You’re all set to write 12 easy, heartfelt love letters to your sweetie this year!

Everything you need to write a Love Letter

Darling Letter Stationery and Envelopes

Now you know WHAT to write – next you need something adorable to write ON! This kit has a whole year of beautiful, brightly colored papers, (lined and blank). The perfect place for sharing your romantic feelings!

Adorable Love Letter Stationery!

Bonus Mini Love Notes and Postcards

If the above stationery isn’t enough, you also get some extra Mini Love Notes! They have their own adorable coordinating envelopes, too! If you want something unique and different, surprise your honey with a quick love note on a postcard!

Mini Love Letter Stationery

Printable Love Letters

This set of printable Love Letters is a fabulous addition to the Love Letter of the Month Club, OR it stands on it’s own as great gift as a fun way to add romance to your marriage. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE getting love letters from my spouse! It makes my day, and my heart bursts with love as I read those sweetly written words of devotion. Give that amazing feeling to your spouse today with the sweet, meaningful, printable Love Letters in this pack.

Pages and pages of the cutest stationery, DIY envelopes and done-for-you Love Letters are yours in the

Love Letter Addition Kit

for only


Add to Cart

Want to be on the receiving end of these beautiful love letters? Just let us know and we’ll drop a little hint to your sweetie via email!

If you enjoyed our Love Letter Kits, we have another cute, unique pack of printable love notes for you! The Open When Letters pack is a set of meaningful notes to give your sweetheart, to be opened at different times. Whether they need a laugh, a pep talk, or to know they are loved, the Open When Letters has you covered.

Happy Writing!


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  1. This is so perfect. It gives ideas for the letters to write. And I love the mini stationary. It gives you the option of sending two a month.
    The only thing missing is how to make a ‘mail’ box looking box., so you can raise a flag showing you ‘have mail’.
    Keep up the great work!!

    1. Thanks Tammy! So glad you liked it. I agree that all of the prompts and ideas for writing letters are super helpful!! xoxo

  2. Ever thought of offering an option to send the products to customers in a box already printed? I used to get a program for my day care kids and it was awesome it was a months worth, everyday had something, and all i had to do was excute it. And fill out stuff of course. Anyway just curious if that is something you guys would consider. Maybe for those that want it you charge more for that feature? I only ask because between me and my kids using my printer 1/2 the time i end up printing in black and white and then it’s not so pretty anymore ?

    1. Madelyn! We love your feedback! We know printing can be a hassle sometimes. We will definitely consider it 😉 great idea- thanks for passing it along!