Love Story: Charlene and Nathan

This post was contributed by our honorary diva, Charlene.  Here she is:
Where to begin, I guess I would have to say… ONCE upon a time, Fall 2005 to be exact, I saw Nathan for the very first time in church. He was sitting 3-4 rows in front of me, waiting for the meeting to begin. Nathan was sitting down on the bench turned almost all the way around saying “Hello” and greeting everyone. (This is one thing I LOVE about him, he treats everyone the same. It does not matter who they are.) He had the biggest, most sincere smile, and was so excited just to be there. The first thought that came to my mind was, “He doesn’t even know he is going to marry me.” I thought I was so funny seeing how I had never even talked to him before and not to mention I had a boyfriend at the time.
A few months later my roommate and I had a huge super bowl party and Nathan, like so many others from the ward, were invited. This was the first time we officially met but did not really talk.
A few months later a group of us went on a hike up to Bridal Veil Falls.
On the way home one of the three cars full of college students broke down. As the group of us waited at the gas station for the men to fix the car…there was a car parked next to us that had the windows down and was playing country music. Nathan took my hand and asked if we could dance. I look at him and said, ”WHAT! Here? Right now, in the middle of the day? In the gas station parking lot?!”  He said, “yes…” Pulled me into him and we began to dance. He dipped me, and swung me around and taught me the cowboy cha cha. Right there in front of everyone! Embarrassed as I was… I secretly loved it! From that moment on Nathan and I were BFF’s. Hung out as often as our busy schedules would allow. Listened and downloaded music together. I’d cook for him, he’d sing to me. Sat with each other at church, started meeting each other’s family… but we were JUST FRIENDS. Best friends – nothing more, nothing less. Our relationship was like this for a little less than a year. Then I woke up on a Monday and decided I LOVED him and wanted to be with him FOREVER. On Wednesday I wondered why I didn’t have a ring. Then on Saturday, he proposed!!!
We were married February 10, 2007.
And lived happily ever after…
Or wait, I mean…. then REAL life began. Dishes, diapers, compromising, patience, laundry, diligence, juggling work, school, and family……. really it’s a beautiful life. Together we are discovering, what the TRUE meaning of LOVE is. We work together daily as a team to improve our already beautiful/almost perfect marriage.
Thanks for such a great post, Char!

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  1. Ah! So cute!! Whodathunk I should have asked you two that when I first met you! "He doesn’t even know he is going to marry me.” ha ha ha. LOVE it. Such a cute story, and such a cute couple! Love your wedding pic and adorable family! You are beautiful.