Love Story: Erika and Justin

I knew I was in love the minute I met my husband, Justin. It was the first day of High School, and he had just walked into my math class. I can still remember what he was wearing – Lucky jeans, K-Swiss shoes, a navy blue shirt, and he had cute spiky hair (gotta love 1999!). Every girl in the sophomore class was drooling over this kid who was the Class President. He was nice to everyone and I was totally smitten.
I asked him to Sweethearts Ball right after I turned 16, and had the best time! He had fun, but that was it for him. At the end of that year his family moved out of state and I thought I’d never see him again. However, luck was on my side! He moved back our Senior Year of High School, but we were just friends and in a few classes together. I thought I had moved on until he asked me to our Senior Prom. From there we dated until I left for BYU and he left for a mission. We wrote, but I also dated.
By the time he was ready to come home, I knew I was still in love. He arrived home, we dated for 3 weeks, and then he told me he wanted to date me AND other people. Well, that wasn’t going to fly!! So after 8 months of him dating other people (and me trying to, but knowing I was in love with him) we got back together! A few weeks after that we were talking about when we should get married.
In May 2006, I married my best friend and the first boy I laid eyes on in High School. He’s the love of my life and we do everything together! I love him enough that I moved out to Des Moines, Iowa for him to pursue his goal of attending Podiatry School.

About the Author: Erika

I married the love of my life and enjoy being with him and our son. We love to try new things - traveling, food, games, and everything in between.

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3 Responses to Love Story: Erika and Justin

  1. I love it! I married my middle school crush (I know, barf), but he is the best! People often don't give enough credit to who you "like" when you are young, but often it is the one who knew you way back when, before you had accomplished xyz, that know you the best and love you for who you are.

    Glad to see another happy young love couple!