Love Story: Kiirsten and Brian

I think every girl wonders how she’ll eventually meet Mr. Right.  Little did I know the day I knocked on a stranger’s door while “shopping” for space in a house to rent, that the tall, handsome guy who answered would be mine.  My first impression of Brian was that he was very polite, respectful, and kind. Then his two year old son came waddling down the stairs, and I watched how he lovingly took him in his arms and cuddled him… so tender.  The house was brand new and beautiful and right along Utah Lake… it didn’t hurt that it was 100 times better than anything else I’d looked at.  Actually I threw Brian’s number and address away after I got home because I currently worked almost an hour away. There was just no way I could commute… what a ridiculous thought… but something urged me to dig that paper out of the garbage. I truly believe that sometimes we are guided in life exactly where we need to be.  Needless to say I did end up renting a room from them with the understanding that it would be for approximately six months. {I still have receipts from paying him rent!} I figured this would allow me time to meet some girlfriends at the college I was also attending that I could room with soon.  But I never quite got around to that…Brian and I were both coming out of hard relationships and wanted to be cautious about future relationships, but our similarities and total compatibility were undeniable!   I was immediately welcomed into his world with his son – can you say BEYOND adorable!  Our friendship started by learning about each other, then offering to cook and eat our meals together, then I started checking out kids’ books at the library to bring home to read to his little guy and all hanging out together, which inevitably led to bonding together.  One day a few weeks later, I came home to a note taped to my bedroom door.  It was an invitation to a date.  That was all it took to get our love story started.
We were engaged within five months and planning our new lives together.  I put a lot of prayer into this decision, and I came to realize without a doubt that this was meant to be.  I had some fears about stepmotherhood, but I honestly was given a confirmation that I was meant to join not only Brian’s life, but his son’s as well.  What a beautiful thing answers to prayers can be!
In November of 2005, with the blessing of our families, Brian and I flew to Negril, Jamaica to get married on the beach.  I will never forget him waiting in his tuxedo and flip flops for me to join him.  Awwww!  One year later to the day we were sealed for eternity in the Salt Lake Temple.
Since then we have grown a beautiful family!  That sweet two year old I met six years ago is now 8, and we have been blessed with two more rambunctious and darling boys who are 3 and 1 year old.  We continue to live the dream of the American Family with all of life’s ups and downs – together we have it all.  I known our story isn’t a traditional fairytale, but it’s definitely OUR fairytale.

About the Author: Kiirsten

I am a vivacious diva with a passion for life and my roles as a wife, a mother, and friend.

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  1. So sweet Kiirst! I LOVE how you write your posts and really let us in to your world. How wonderful that you two found each other. So happy for you both!