Love Tax Refund

Pay Back 365 Days of Happiness

Oh tax season… how I both love and loathe you.

Cons: Money stress

Pros: Tax refunds!

For the first 5 years of adulthood I owed the government every year! I don’t know how or why, but getting married changed my view on taxes. For the first time in my life I actually got a return… well WE got a return. Being the pragmatic person I am, I convinced the husband to put the large majority of the tax refund towards our car payment, instead of something fun…{though really, what’s more fun than paying down debt?!} However, I did feel like he needed to know how much I appreciated him and his willingness to do the taxes every year… and put them towards the car…

And this is what inspired the 

Love Tax Refund.

Tax Day Printable for Your Love

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This is the perfect thing to add a little love to what can otherwise be a stressful day.

Crystal Nale from A Well Feathered Nest created the cutest tax form I’ve ever seen!

Tax Return on Love - Free Printables!

This was so much fun to put together for my honey.

First, fill out the form and “check” to pay back all that love. This is a perfect invite to a sweet date night to relax after stressing about taxes. In exchange for the 365 days of being deliriously, happily married, 1 evening of love. 

Free Tax Day 4-EVR Printable

Sign and date your line, then fold it up to be included in your return envelope. 

Now let’s make that envelope! This is a very believable envelope from the Marital Revenue Service 😉 Time to cash in on that love! 

Love Tax Return Tutorial

I like using a paper cutter to keep my lines nice and straight. The cross lines on the blade also help with those tricky corners. The dotted lines are folding guides. I used double sided tape to get mine together, but glue dots, rubber cement, or good ‘ole Elmer’s would work too. 

Love Tax Return Tutorial

Now, fill out your return check. If you have a specific location in mind for the upcoming evening of love, the memo would be a great place in which to write it! 

Put it all together and deliver to your honey! Checking the mail is a daily ritual for my husband, so I’m sneaking mine into the mail box before he makes his 4:00 trip. 

Love Tax Return Tax Day Love

I’m planning on taking the hubs to a well deserved dinner and dessert – but not until he signs the agreement for 365 more days of love! 

About the Author: Shanelle

I am a reading, singing, shopping queen! (I'm very lucky that my handsome hubby likes shopping as much as I do) Married for 7 years and ready for forever, I love spending time with Brigham (my husband), our girls, and our new baby boy. I teach high school English and in the summertime we love to go on adventures in the great outdoors.

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17 Responses to Love Tax Refund

  1. OMG! I know that tax season is long past, but my husband is an accountant so I just had to print this out to give him! I know he’ll be very surprised. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Not meaning to be nitpicky here, because I adore this concept–but isn’t the envelope backwards? Shouldn’t the Marital Revenue Service be on the top left, and your information on the bottom right, as if it came from them and was being mailed to you? As it is now, it looks like you’d be sending your ‘tax form’ to them. (Just wondering. :)) Would I be able to edit this idea for my own use, and create a second envelope for the ‘tax refund check’?

    1. PS – Just wanted to add, good job on paying towards your car! I was able to pay off my car this year with my tax refund too! It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? It makes all the other little sacrifices worth it, when that payment is finally gone! 🙂

      1. Aawww Rachael, thanks for your support!
        You are so smart and I love the flipping of the addresses! Our sweet designer, Crystal, went ahead and made that change by adding a third page! Go ahead and re-download the file and it will have the address blank, but the MRS as the return address.
        Thank you again for that great idea!

  3. Ah! I LOVE this idea!!! My husband is an accountant and April 15th is like Christmas for us! It’s the day I get my husband back! I can’t wait to have this waiting for him with a treat when he gets home tonight!!! Such a darling and creative idea Shanelle!

  4. Thanks for the cute idea!!!

    Unfortunately I have to change the envelope around… he’ll probably stick it right back in the mailbox with “WRONG ADDRESS” on it, since it’s not addressed to him, haha 😛