A Made-For-You Wives Club

There’s a Fun and Inspiring Party Coming Up and You could Win BIG!

Raise your hand if you like to partay!! I just KNOW your beautiful face is over there raising your hand and that makes you one smart lady!! Run over to For Better & Forever and join before May 24th so you won’t miss out on this party of epic proportions!! You’re gonna be spoiled, you’re gonna be inspired, AND you’re gonna find your new go-to spot for all things marriage!! That’s right, this group and the THOUSANDS of wives in it have been knockin’ our socks off for almost a year with all of their marriage inspiring goodness.

I’m sure you’re wondering how YOU can win big, right?! I’m glad ya asked. Each and every lady that fills out the form at the bottom of the post to RSVP is an instant winner. By letting us know you’re gonna show up, we’ll send you an EXCLUSIVE printable ONLY available to the wives that attend the party AND RSVP. Because we LOVE ya and wanted to spoil you, we’ve reached out to some of our FAVORITE companies and have lined up some pretty stellar giveaways. I can’t say too much, but I will let ya know that I’m SUUUUUPER bummed I can’t win. Don’t forget to RSVP below to let me know you’ll be there!!

An Inspiring Facebook Group for Wives Plus a FUN party!

What happens when a group of strong creative wives decide they want to create a place to go to that is all about strengthening their marriages, finding inspriation to take the action steps needed to have a better marriage, asking the hard (and fun) questions for real life feedback, all while interacting with their best gal pals from all over the world? Keep reading for a SUPER fun surprise below!!

You get a community for wives by wives.

I am super pumped that I get to be the Diva that gets to share all the uber exciting details about our upcoming party with you! I promise it’s gonna be AWESOME.

For Better & Forever is a Facebook group for wives and…


Picture this; you want to do something sweet for your spouse, maybe you just need some quality time together or something a little more. BUT…

  • You feel like you have tried everything
  • You want PERSONAL reviews
  • Or you want tips & tricks at how to really customize it
  • You want real life action steps that are easy to help your marriage

Well, what would you normally do? I would reach out to my girls and ask them for their advice! Because if there is anyone that understands wanting to do something for my hubby, it’s my group of married ladies!

WELL, now your gal pals will cover cities, states, and even other countries! If there is a better resources pool than that, then we haven’t found it!! But this isn’t just any group of gal pals. The aim is to have wives help, support & inspire other wives in being present and purposeful in our marriages. Think of it as a community of fun loving ladies with live interaction, challenges, endless support, games, and more (we don’t wanna give away all our tricks just yet)!

What does this mean for you? Well this group will be the place to be for;

  • Date night ideas, tips & tricks
  • Marriage resources (blog posts, products, videos)
  • Sharing with & inspiring other wives (so invite your IRL peeps!)
  • 24/7 freedom to post your questions & answer questions
  • Games, Theme Days (and even a couple PAR-TAY’S)

So make sure to check out For Better & Forever now before the party on May 24th.

This party is literally going to be the BEST thing since sliced bread!! There will be fun and inspiring Facebook Lives, there will be ALL sorts of giveaways, {oops, did I say that outloud?} and there will be fun interactive games! Wanna know the best part, if you RSVP in the form below, you’ll get a SUPER SWEET exclusive goodie bag ONLY available to the wives that RSVP for the event!! Yup, that’s right. I can’t even send it to ya if you don’t RSVP so…

Party is OVER, stay tuned for the next one!!!

About the Author: CJ

I am a British Columbia girl, currently living in Alberta, and desperately missing the smell of salt water. I love my husband and the life we have started together. I enjoy visiting farmers markets, checking out consignment stores, and looking for the best coastal town to settle down in! As long as there is a beach, a candy store, and memories to be made, you can convince me to go just about anywhere!

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  1. Tried to sign up and cannot get through. Hope you can help me fix it so I can participate in the wives club. You have always given great ideas.

    1. Hi! I am sooo sorry you had troubles {has it worked yet?}! It seems Make sure you are not using the ‘form at the bottom’ that was only for RSVPing, but instead click on any of text that says For Better & Forever {and is pink in color} it will take you to the Facebook Group! From there you need to request to join & answer a question! Someone from the team will accept you as soon as possible!